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Finding a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home - Communication Is Key

Chicago is a huge city and every business or industry has so much to choose from, especially the real estate industry. Chicago has a huge diversity of real estate agents all full of promises. Which ones can you trust? Communication is key!

The Chicago Real Estate Market is in full kick-off as 2014 has begun. With our beautiful City of Chicago being such an incredibly diverse place to live, there are so many beautiful properties for buyers to choose from so many real estate agents for sellers to sift through when selling your property. Who can you trust? Who can you depend on? One extremely pertinent factor to consider when choosing a Real Estate Team or Chicago Real Estate Agent is their ability to sell and ability to communicate.

Most of the savviest Real Estate Agents will have a list of their Sold Properties on their website. Make sure the Agent you are considering to sell your Chicago property has a history of great sales. Contact that agent. Now, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to that Agent, the way they treat you, and how well they communicate! Many real estate agents are full of empty promises and lack one of the most important skills an agent should have….an ability to communicate regularly with their seller.

Sohail Salahuddin of Sohail Real Estate Group has created a long-standing tradition of making client communication the number one goal of his team. Among the non-stop work of selling properties, finding Homes for their important clients and creative marketing techniques, Sohail Real Estate Group is a Group who prides itself on extremely effective and regular communication with sellers and buyers. Every week, this Chicago Real Estate Team informs sellers of:

• Activity on their Property

• What kind of Marketing is in Place and Occurring

• The Amount of Showings and Potential Buyers

• Responses to Viewings of your Property

• And most Importantly: What they are doing to sell your home

According to this team leader, Sohail Salahuddin, "Who you work with matters." Indeed! You never want a Real Estate Team representing your property who you feel you have to follow up with constantly yourself. If you have to chase them, imagine how they are neglecting interested buyers for your property as well! "Our communication guarantee is put in place to make sure that you are aware of every step and everything that we're doing as we try to sell your home and make sure that we sell it quickly," says Mr. Salahuddin.

Sohail Real Estate Group is a Team of Chicago Real Estate Agents who have several years of Experience in Chicago's Real Estate who bases its foundation off of trust, dependability, effectiveness, and communication.

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