Find, Review, Buy: First Transparent E-shop for Surplus Aviation Parts

PartsOnline launched today by aircraft engine specialists Royal Aero GmbH is believed to be the first online shop for surplus aviation parts with pricing and trace records available for immediate viewing and download.

Royal Aero GmbH (, one of the largest independent European based suppliers of surplus aircraft engine parts and management, is pleased to announce the opening of the first e-shop for aviation parts with pricing and trace records available for immediate viewing.

At airlines, fleet operators and MROs can review certification and purchase parts. Price indications and trace documentation including all related certification bring transparency into the aviation spare parts market.
Items will be shipped worldwide and free of charge for an introductory period. Spare parts that are on repair indicate an accurate lead-time. The majority of its total of around 65,000 parts will be shipped out of the Royal Aero warehouse in Miesbach, south of Munich, Germany. The e-shop is currently available in English; other languages to follow are Arabic and Chinese.

Pricing and trace records: Everything at your fingertips

"Our e-shop is fast, transparent and easy to use. This takes us closer to our customers, who have all of the information they need to make a purchase decision at their fingertips. This reduces the buyer's sourcing time from traditionally several hours and sometimes days to minutes, as they no longer have to request quotes and paperwork from suppliers who may be in a different time zone. Our products range from seals to turbine blades and landing gears across many commercial aircraft platforms - and that is now available 24/7," says Calum M. MacLeod, CEO of Royal Aero.

About Royal Aero GmbH:
The Royal Aero GmbH, with its headquarter in Miesbach, Germany, is one of the biggest independent European based suppliers of surplus OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts and procurement services to the aviation industry and one of the top aviation engineering consultancy businesses. The company is specialised in aircraft, jet engines and spare parts. Its business model comprises of the purchase, the outsourced overhaul and the resale of OEM engine parts for commercial aircraft engines; the leasing and trading of engines from their own pool and managed engines; the management of lessors and airlines engines throughout their life-cycle and through overhaul utilising their engineering consultancy services and in-house Midas Online software. Royal Aero GmbH, founded in 2002 as Royal Aero Services GmbH, has an inventory in excess of US$ 40 million in 2013 and currently fifteen engines leased or managed. The management comprises of Calum M. MacLeod, Stephen Byrne and Alan Webber. Royal Aero GmbH has a subsidiary in Horsham (UK) with 23 employees worldwide.
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