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Financial Empowerment Network Launches Team Content Sharing Site

Financial Empowerment Network (FEN) announces the launch of their new team website made up of team members that are all independent agents for Financial Education Services for the purpose of sharing content through social media channels.

Financial Empowerment Network (FEN) community and its Financial Education Services agents from across the country are all part of a group start by long FES agent, Executive Sales Director Mark Bustamonte and online marketing business partner CJ Boston.

The idea behind this website and community is content sharing of financial related articles to help educate consumers on basic financial literacy topics like, credit, debt, budgeting, estate planning and identity theft to name a few. These are also the main products that are provided through affiliation with Financial Education Services (FES).

With recent changes in Google algorithms and the explosion of social media marketing as the new preferred method of online marketing, Financial Empowerment Network combines SEO and social media strategies to support the team in reaching the masses through a cooperative marketing effort.

The idea behind this marketing is that each team member is responsible for providing content to the site related to financial topics which in turn is shared through each team member's social media channels like, Facebook, Gplus, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. This strategy provides the necessary ingredients to optimize the website as well create maximize exposure for each team member.
Along with providing this cooperative marketing technique,

Financial Empowerment Network also provides extensive training video's available to team member that are also active FES agents as well a limited version available through the Partners Program. The Partners Program is for companies or individuals that are currently attempting to market themselves and their financial related products online and looking for more exposure.

As a participant in the Partners Program the individual partners or companies have exclusive access to the FEN team members for sharing of their content and access to a limited FREE training video vault. The video trainings that are included for the team members and partners teaches online and off line marketing strategies as well business building success related trainings.

Financial Empowerment Network is rapidly expanding its online presence adding new team members and partners daily. "Our goal is 100 team members and 500 partners from around the country by the end of 2014" said Mark Bustamonte, "These numbers will help ensure the success of the team and provide a huge benefit to our partners program which in turn provides a strong referral base of clients for all parties involved."

If you are interested in learn more or becoming a part of the Financial Empowerment Community you can contact Mark Bustamonte at 954.707.2932

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