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Finally A Propane Level Monitor That Warns You In Time - The Propane GasGenie®

It's difficult to tell how much propane is left in your BBQ tank. The Propane GasGenie®'s unique technology uses time and temperature to detect low propane levels and is the ONLY product that actively warns you in time to finish your BBQ.

Running out of gas whilst BBQ-ing is one of those annoying things that always seems to happen when it is least convenient. In the middle of cooking, with guests arriving and on a Sunday lunch time, for example.

There have been various attempts to solve this problem, but none really works that well. Pressure gauges, for example, seem to give a very few minutes warning before the tank is empty, and then only if the user remembers to check the gauge during cooking.

Now at last there is a solution to the problem in the shape of the innovative Propane GasGenie® from Creative Electronic Products Inc. This small electronic sensor simply clips magnetically to the lower portion of the gas cylinder and then just waits there patiently until the gas starts to get low.

Once the gas level gets to around 20% capacity, the next time the BBQ is turned on and warmed up the musical alarm will begin to sound, and LEDs begin to flash. Impossible not to notice, and in plenty of time to finish the grilling with even a few more cook-outs. This means that the user can choose when to go get a refill, and avoid the annoyance and embarrassment of the flame going out whilst cooking.

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how well the Propane GasGenie® worked. I put it on the propane tank and quickly proceeded to forget about it. A couple of weeks later, while grilling, it began sounding the low propane level warning. I was fairly certain I had just recently had the tank filled so I didn't think much of it. A few days later, while cooking outside again, it began to sound the alarm shortly after igniting the flames. Deciding it was better to be safe than sorry (and to prove if it really even worked) I took the tank the next morning to be filled. Upon filling I asked the attendant how much was left when I brought it in and he told me it was practically bone dry! If I had not had the Propane GasGenie® my next steak would have been EXTREMELY rare!!!! What a great product." J. K, Pittsburgh.

The secret of the Propane GasGenie®'s success is that it works on a different technical principle to the pressure sensor types. It uses a combination of temperature of the cylinder wall and time to detect the low gas condition. This patented method has been independently tested in long term trials. It has been found to work in short cooking occasions such as grilling steaks, through longer, low gas setting cooking (slow roasting etc) right up to the turkey frying high gas consumption setting.

And once the alarm has sounded the manufacturers suggest clipping the Propane GasGenie® to the refrigerator door. When not in alarm the LEDs flash once per 20 seconds, (rather like a smoke detector) attracting the user's attention and serving as a useful reminder that the cylinder needs replacing.

The Propane GasGenie® is available to buy on Amazon currently with a discount of 20%. You can read more about this propane gas monitor on our website by visiting the following address

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