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Thomas Ian Nicholas (Walt Disney), David Henrie (Rudy Ising), Jon Heder (Roy Disney), and Jodie Sweetin (Charlotte Disney) starring in "Walt Before Mickey"

When people think of Walt Disney, childhood memories flood the mind with images of animated films featuring colorful characters and catchy songs. What isn't widely known is that there were many timeless struggles that startups even today face. This is a tale filled with trials and triumph. "Walt Before Mickey" showcases these challenges through the eyes of a man with a dream.

Set in the 1900's the film is written by Executive Producers Arthur L. Bernstein and Armando Gutierez which is based on the book of the same name written by Timothy Susanin, forward by Diane Disney Miller. It is the only book to be supported by the Diane Disney Miller of the Disney family.

The film also stars Ayla Kell (Bridget), Hunter Gomez (Hugh Harmon) and Taylor Gray (Friz Freleng).

Thomas Ian Nicholas and John Heder display incredible talent and chemistry on set. They quickly bonded and found common ground in the desire to show the struggles and trials that the Disney duo faced in the early years. The supporting cast provide the backdrop to this period piece in such a way as to captivate the audience and transport them to a time when the future was far from certain for Walt Disney.

"I'm honored to portray Walt Disney in the beginning of his career, to share his perseverance and passion despite early failed attempts toward creating his ultimate dream." -Thomas Ian Nicholas
Produced by Armando Gutierez, Arthur L. Bernstein, and Directed by Khoa Le. The Film is expected to be released in Summer 2014.

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