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Fighting Terror with Talent on Global Independence Day

On the eve of 9/11 the Beverly Hilton Hotel hosted a two-day Global Independence Day event featuring celebrities, dignitaries, and royalties.

The renowned Beverly Hilton Hotel hosted a rare display of local and global talent on September 8th and 9th to serve the fight of democracy over terror throughout the world. Headed by Kevin Kaul in concert with Mathew Charnay of iDE.O, The International Development Expansion Organization, the US Global Business Forum presented its Introduction of the 7th Annual Investment Seminar, Venture Funding Exhibition, and Introduction to the 2013 Global Business Expo on September 8th.

The chief guest was Eric Garcetti, President of the Los Angeles City Council. Noted speakers included Anna Kalata, Former Union Minister of Labor (Poland) and Tony Christopher, Chairman of Landmark (USA). There were various speaker panels held throughout the event that comprised leaders from industries such as crowd-funding, financial services, media and entertainment, and social media marketing as well as other prominent political leaders.

These speakers included the following:

David Drake, Mike Costache, Steven Cinelli, Chris Fure, Chance Barnett, Howard Leonhardt, Lee Petillon, Michael Fultz, Steven Cinelli, Retd. Col. Sambhaji Patil, Wonna De Jong, Hersh Davis-Nitzberg, Simona Fusco, Melody Storm, Mitra Ahouraian, Larry Greenfield, Judd Weiss, Chirath Neranjena, Dan Altman, Anna Kalata, Dr. Marek Roland-Mieszkowski, Mark Perlmutter, Princess Harakawa Ra, Ashok Sinha, Dr. Rajendra Jagdale, R. Subramanian, Adv. Mohammad Aslam Goni, Dr. Arup Kumar Chatterjee, Bappi Lahiri, and Ajay Talwar. Avadish Agarwal, Mafatial Patel, and Mohamed Elgafi served as Gold Sponsors along with the County of Los Angeles and Government of India (India Tourism).

David Drake on The JOBS Act, during one of his speaker panels:

"Before we know it, it's passing the House, it's going back to the House March 8th, and we've called it the JOBS act, and six(6) bills were thrown into that JOBS act and suddenly we have our speakers writing the law, changing the SEC from 1933, and they are obviously editing it, they are speaking about it, and it's happening as we are speaking at our events, suddenly I'm in the middle of having these conferences, and I'm actually influencing what history is happening in the US."

Forty award certificates pertaining to global excellence throughout business and community development were given. This forum was open to the general public with free admission.

On September 9th Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of the City of Los Angeles gave the keynote speech and was joined on stage by Mayor Jimmy Delshad of the City of Beverly Hills. Other prominent community leaders included Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe and Subodh Kant Sahai, Union Minister for Tourism of India. GID Ambassadors representing many nations carried flags for their respective countries.

Jointly hosted by Mauricio Herrera/Cindy Guyer and Jaime Monroy/Jennipha-Lauren Nielsen, top quality performers from all over the world graced the Beverly Hilton stage from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. with an after party conducted by DJ Exel all the way from Pennsylvania. The international singers and dancers included Tram Ho, Beyondancing, Ram Tasildar, Katia Vaz, Daniela and Bryant, Ditch Moet, Young Fatal, Orisha Sound, Goward Howard III, K-Phi-O, Tram Sparks, Omar Akram, Harmony Merloni, Mauricio Herrera, and Rizzy Lo.

To introduce the evening's dinner program The Temptations Review Featuring Dennis Edwards sang the National Anthem and legendary Motown classics "Get Ready," "My Girl," and "Just My Imagination." Their act was proudly opened by Native American singer Heart Hays.

Angelo Borer brought his Crazy Feet tap dance company all the way from Switzerland to re-interpret world standards. Celebrity couturiers Tatyana Peter of the Caucasus region and Shekhar Rahate of India both provided runway shows and were awarded for their matchless design work. Fenix skincare products could be found in the VIP goody bags. Actor Brett Stimely was in the audience.

This year Sara Cromwell (Miss West Coast CA USA) won the Miss Globe Ambassador Pageant in a very close race. Sable Jonsson (Miss Ventura) was the first runner-up and Brittany Grimes (Miss San Fernando Valley) was the second runner-up. Celebrity judges included Prince Frederic of Germany, (Princess Harakawa Ra of Africa), King Nat Jr. of the Ivory Coast, and Jeraldine Saunders of the Love Boat Corporation. MGA Sara Cromwell will travel to India as part of her ceremonial duties.

Twenty-four outstanding individuals were also honored with a multitude of GID awards: Mahatma Gandhi Award (Ramchandra Kana Dake), Mother Teresa Award (Maneka Gandhi), Ray Kroc Award (Sunil Tolani), Margaret Thatcher Award (Anna Kalata), Martin Luther King, Jr. Award (Varun Gandhi), Michael Jackson Award (Bappi Lahiri), Versace Award (Shekhar Rahate), Elizabeth Taylor Award (Sushma Mehta), Betty Ford Award (Rajeshwari Singhal), Elizabeth Edwards Award (Indu Vardhan), Walt Disney Award (Amit Srivastava), Winston "Spree" Simon Award (Ram Tasildar), Corazon Aquino Award (Selma Akopyan), Albert Einstein Award (Arup Chatterjee), Aaron Spelling Award (Dennis Matthews), Vincent Van Gogh Award (Sheeraz Hasan), Robert Novak Award (Dr. Laura Wilhelm), Cesar Chavez Award (Dolores Huerta), Jack Lalanne Award (Lal Thakrar), Marlon Brando Award (Roma Chugani), Bruce Lee Award (Naba Kar), Enzo Anselmo Ferrari Award (Harjeet Anand), Caroll Shelby Award (Kuldeep Hak), and David Livingstone Award (Wallace Williams).

Global Independence Day and America's experience of 9/11 show that talent will ALWAYS triumph over terror in due time. Talent liberates the individual like nothing else. Nations that support the free expression of economic and social growth thus strengthen themselves and their citizens as all contribute to lasting worldwide success.

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