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Fight Psycho Boy Launches With Two Awesome Novels

The new kids on the block! Fight Psycho Boy launches website and two books on the same day.

Hello everyone. The publishing company of the future is here.

From the creator Darien Kade comes two groundbreaking novels-- Fight Psycho Boy and Madson, both of which were released on June 4th, 2014.

Darien Kade was born in Iran in 1976. He left after the Iranian revolution and landed in Stockholm, Sweden before settling in America in 1988. He studied Business at the University of Southern California and received his MBA from Pepperdine. He's been immersed in the business world ever since, starting up multiple companies across various industries. He established his latest venture, the publishing company Fight Psycho Boy in 2014. His first book by the same name "Fight Psycho Boy" is a candid, graphic portrayal of his crazy life growing up in LA. His second novel "Madson" pushes the envelope further and challenges what society deems acceptable in today's hypersensitive culture.

I've been delighted by the positive response from my readers and although not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for these books (especially Madson), when I set out to do this writing thing I promised myself that I would do it under one condition; with integrity to the work...for the advancement of the story. Even if it became scandalous or controversial. Even if people started hating me for it. This was the decision I was faced with. It took a lot of soul searching to get here, to do something without trying to change it to please everyone. My only hope is that you can feel the unadulterated passion in my work.

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