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Fight Co Offering Low Prices On Sandee Thai Pads

The company is now offering several of Sandee's finest quality Thai pads at exceptional prices to cater for bargain-hungry Christmas shoppers.

Sandee is, without a doubt, one of the world's most renowned Muay Thai manufacturers. Founded in Thailand and now considered one of the industry's most established design houses, Sandee is held in high regard by fight enthusiasts across the globe, many of whom remain fiercely loyal to the brand and are keen to snap up its latest innovations as soon as they're released. Sandee products are even endorsed by a number of high-profile athletes, such as Michael Bisping and Ross Pearson, thanks to their exceptional design features and unrivalled durability.

A selection of Sandee's Thai pads is now available from Fight Co in a variety of styles and colours from just £63.21 (excluding VAT). The company is also offering some fantastic deals on postage and packaging in a further bid to keep its costs as competitive as possible.

In fact, this UK-based retailer of MMA fightgear has worked hard to keep its prices low across the board at this crucial time of year in order to compete with some of the biggest online retailers in the country.

"Our goal was to keep our prices as low as possible to help Christmas shoppers purchase amazing gifts for their loved ones without breaking the bank," explains a representative from Fight Co. "Though everyone's feeling the squeeze, we also appreciate that customers need to receive their items in time for Christmas, which is why we've focused on setting the right procedures in place to ensure our orders are dispatched quickly and efficiently, even when we're experiencing a high level of demand."

Those looking to buy professional-standard equipment for their loved ones will love the clear, no-nonsense design of Fight Co's website - the easy-to-navigate product gallery makes it easy for the customer to compare all that's on offer, and the full descriptions provided next to each product to help those with little Muay Thai knowledge get to grips with each product's features.

Those interested in purchasing Sandee Thai pads are encouraged to visit for more information. Many other brands are also available for purchase from the website.

Fight Co is one of the UK's leading online stockists of mixed martial arts clothing and accessories. Offering products from some of the industry's best-known brands, including Twins, Fairfex and Sandee, the company sells boxing gloves, kick pads, shields and a huge variety of protective gear designed for both amateur and professional fighters. See for more details.

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