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Fewer Young Veterans Are Utilizing Benefits

Studies have concluded that the younger generation of veterans are less likely to use their benefits. Without help, they can be more likely to suffer mental and physical conditions that can lead to legal problems down the road.

For civilians who have not served in the military, it's impossible to imagine the toll it might take on an individual after being exposed to the conditions and trauma that takes place on the battlefield. These experiences often result in chronic pain, mental illness and other conditions requiring professional treatment. The impact on some of our veterans due to these conditions can lead to unfortunate circumstances such as substance abuse, unemployment, homelessness, and severe mental illness. Often times, living with these life changing difficulties can lead to legal trouble.

Agencies such as the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and the Nevada Office of Veterans Services offer several free services to aide veterans when they return home from deployment. However, they are finding that more and more young soldiers are not utilizing their veteran benefits. Service providers feel that the younger generation of veterans is less connected to what is available and fear that if they are evaluated, a higher disability rating may affect their eligibility for employment. Because of their misunderstanding of some of the services and the terms, veterans may be missing out on much needed treatment to cope with the after effects of their experiences.

Left untreated, individuals living with the symptoms of behavioral problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder can suffer great consequences. Some become addicts in an attempt to self-medicate or find themselves involved in criminal acts including assault, domestic violence and other crimes. Whatever the reason leading up to legal trouble, veterans living with mental or physical suffering may not be in the right state of mind to seek legal guidance or representation.

If a veteran is in need of treatment, encourage them to seek out the services available through their veteran's benefits. By receiving this much needed help early on, it can make it much easier for them to return to civilian life and get the help they need to cope with the events they experienced while defending our country. If a veteran is facing legal charges, help them to get proper legal representation to ensure their rights are protected and they are given a fair opportunity to receive treatment.

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