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Felio Siby To Take Luxury Menswear By Storm

Introduction to Miami based fashion line Felio Siby and designer Dominique SIby's inspiration for designing high end menswear and handbags.

Felio Siby, a Miami based brand, creates clothing for confident men on the move. The brand caters to stylish and savvy men, who are not afraid to incorporate something unique into their wardrobe. With designer Dominique Siby behind every decision, you can guarantee exclusivity with each piece.

Dominique Siby, a native of Gabon, Africa, was inspired by a combination of his dissatisfaction in the clothes he purchased and the three cultures from where he gained his fashion sense from. Felio Siby fuses three dynamic cultures to create one brand. In doing so, he merges his African culture with that of the fashion culture of Miami and Paris; both cities he's inhabited.

"Every time I bought clothes I saw that they could have been done in another way. I always wanted to add something different. For example, the pocket could have been in different material, like the leather pocket I use on my jeans. It took a long time to make this dream of designing clothes happen because wearing clothes versus establishing your own clothing line are two different things that are far from easy," said designer Dominique Siby.

Dominique is involved in the entire process from picking the fabric to the execution of the final product. Each step, requires his approval. With every unique skin and pattern, Siby creates signature pieces that are bold yet simplistic with luxury appeal. Felio Siby incorporates exotic skins- python, crocodile, ostrich and leather to add the necessary touch to each design.

Siby said, "As fashion and trends change, my designs constantly evolve with them. Additionally, I'm always looking for the best material. Take my python t-shirt for example, it's a blend of different cotton and genuine python. It's completely different from what you see on a regular basis."

Working with these skins has led Felio Siby to create men's duffle bags and his most recent inspiration women's handbags. Celebrities such as Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh can be found wearing personalized sneak peaks of the Felio Siby collection. Felio Siby is exclusively sold at fine retailers in the United States or online at
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