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Feel the Power of Alternative Rock with Anuragi-The Latest Songdew Pick of the Month

Anuragi is one of the most popular rock music singer and song writer. Dr. Rajesh Anuragi is also a vocalist and guitarist. His beautiful balance of the elegance of lyrics and the energy towards rock and pop melodies became so popular.

There is no way to suppress the free flow of creativity if it is there within someone, and it has been the same with Dr. Rajesh Anuragi, the creator of the band "Anuragi". He was born with music in his blood because there was the practice of Bundelkhandi folk music in has family for several generations and his father was a well-known vocalist, harmonium and tabla player of his era and music and lyrics started to flow from Anuragi's soul right from his school days where he was extremely enthusiastic about writing poetry. After completion of his MBBS and post-graduation, he decided to devote his entire time to music and, therefore, went to Pune and released his first demo album which received much popularity, and Anuragi has not looked back since. He went on to create a band with the same name that specializes in alternative Rock, pop and acoustic creations.

Songdew started its journey with a cause- a cause to free music from all its chains and provide equal opportunity to musicians and bands irrespective of their popularity or obscurity. It has evolved into one of India's most popular music portals where musicians and bands from each and every corner of the world can showcase their creations and get their due recognitions from music enthusiasts. The only criterion that Songdew puts forward is originality of the creation. Songdew recognizes the creative genius of Anuragi with its monthly feature of "Songdew Pick of the Month" by virtue of which the intoxicating music of Anuragi will sweep through the Songdew network along with other popular social networking sites for the entire month.

Anuragi- The Band that Blends Music with Poetry

'Anuragi' is a Delhi based Hindi-Rock band that was created by Dr. Rajesh Anuragi who describes himself as a doctor by profession, musician by choice & poet by instinct. Founded in the year 2010, it includes Dr. Rajesh Anuragi as the songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist along with his younger brother Dr. Ashish Anuragi also songwriter, who had followed in the footsteps of Rajesh and Abhishek Singh as songwriter and lead guitarist, Subhashish Sam as lead guitarist, Bharat Gulati as the bass guitarist and Kshitij Thapar on drums.Anuragi composes majority of the songs in Hindi and Urdu and his music is infused with the power and energy of Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop-Rock, Acoustic and Hindi-Rock that makes it exceptionally diversified making it popular to a wide range of listeners.

Achievements of Anuragi

Rajesh Anuragi, the boy from a small town took up a brave and spirited journey all by himself and went on to release his first set of demo songs in Oct, 2011 and it gained instant popularity, but the real break came when Times Music offered to release his debut music album 'Nishaani' during Sept 2013. But it was not always smooth and easy, as this album was the outcome of two years of hard work and patience, and it went on to become extremely popular with the masses. Anuragi did not have to look back since. He went on to form the band with his brother Ashish Anuragi and it has created a sensation throughout the rock genre with several live performances and gigs and numerous radio appearances. Anuragi is all set to record his second album 'Zaher', which will probably be released by the end of the year 2014.

Songdew Honors Anuragi as the Songdew Pick of the Month
The music of Anuragi displays a beautiful balance of the elegance of poetic lyrics and the energy of the rock and pop melodies that have been skilfully blended to form tracks that echoes through the heart and Songdew makes it a point that it reaches out to the masses with its feature of "Songdew Pick of the Month" through which Anuragi's music will be promoted on the Songdew home page, Facebook page, Twitter and newsletters throughout the month. Anuragi fans can get all information about the band's background, career and upcoming tracks and connect on

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