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Feather Treasures Brings You the Benefits of Feathers

The scale & scope of dcor crafted out of feathers is huge. Decors have been given an all new definition by bringing in feathers pieces on to it. Check out the exotic selection at Feather Treasures!

Feather Treasures presents to you a whole new range of naturally shed to dyed bird and animal feathers that can be used to create what not!

Quills of pheasant, boas, peacock, ostrich and others have a unique set of pattern, different texture and are available in standard sizes and shapes. Decorators pick and choose the best out of the lot as per their craft purposes. For weddings, white big ostrich feathers are the most preferred ones. Similarly, for a Halloween costume party, black or brown shade pheasant feathers are in demand.

No matter which size you require, you will get it all if placed a bulk order in advance. Not just that, you get a chance to save big on bulk orders. Feather Treasures is one of the trusted feather suppliers throughout the Canada and is growing online all over the world. Designers and professionals prefer best quality feathers and quills for their decorations.

Now a days, professionals and artists are experimenting with new and unique materials to give their craft piece a new volume. Feathers are light, reasonable and widely available and can be transformed into a great bit of art with a little creativity and thought. As a consequence, wall dcor, clutch, centerpiece or any other decorative made out of plumes is in trend and in huge demand these days.

The plumes are versatile and soft thus, can be used as a base for a variety of interesting and fun craft creations, from decorative to practical, from simple to complex stuff. You may bring into play these quills as a raw material, secondary fabric or finished product depending upon the stuff you are creating.

The color of these trails can vary though and the pattern resembles a fascinating mix of design. These are easily available in natural shades of black, brown and white. Besides, being visually appealing, these can be used in a lot other ways as well. Artificial or replica of these feathers can be made available in various bright colors and sizes. You may opt for your particular type and buy feathers, best suited as per your craft requirement. Choose the best lot of feathers from Feather Treasures!

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