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Fatherhood Organization Launches New iPhone / iPad App For New Dads

Fatherville.com has just launched a new mobile app entitled 25 Must Know, Time Saving, Stress Reducing Secrets for New Dads, This app is devoted to making the first few months of fatherhood as stress free as possible.

The new iPhone/iPad app entitle 25 Must Know, Time Saving, Stress Reducing Secrets for New Dads will ease new dads into the often stress filled world of fatherhood. This app is an indispensable guide to getting through the challenges of being a new dad. Bringing home the baby is just the beginning. You need a "Wingman" and this app "has got your back." 25 Must Know, Time Saving, Stress Reducing Secrets for the New Dad puts time tested, proven baby care tips, tricks and secrets right at your fingertips on your iPhone or iPad device. A practical easy to use app for the new dad this app is loaded with the kind of information most dads only wish they had the first time they brought their new baby home.

Being a new dad is a big challenge and now you are up for it and with this app you have many of the answers you need for the most common new dad questions. The app will let you set reminders to review certain chapters for later when you have a chance to catch your breath. Baby screaming? Not sure what to do? Quickly review the 25 Secrets and you are only a click away from understanding what your new little one is trying to tell you. This app is a must-have for the new dad. Your wife will thank you too.

For more info visit the site and find the link in the upper right hand corner of the site at http://www.fatherville.com

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