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Fastest Hair Dryer Features To Consider

Wet hair can really slow people down before a busy day, but so can a slow hair dryer.

Wet hair can really slow people down before a busy day, but so can a slow hair dryer. To escape the frustration of spending ages drying damp locks with a mediocre hair dryer, treat yourself to the fastest blow dryer that exceeds in power and heat to get the best and quickest results. So what must a hair dryer have to achieve this? Here are a few aspects:

Long life motor: The motor of the blow dryer is the heart and source for the power and efficiency people receive, meaning that they won't get top power and efficiency with a mediocre motor. Most models have an AC long life motor with up to 2000 watts for consistent functionality, unbeatable power and fast drying results.

Quality components: These go hand in hand with the power of the hair dryer since lower quality elements mean less power, and less power means less heat.

For professional quality results people want to find a professional hair dryer, and these use pure ceramic elements for natural far-infrared heating which locks in moisture and seals the cuticles, along with negative ion technology which uses its negative charge to cancel out the positive charge present in frizzy hair, this will smooth the cuticles, speed up the hair drying process and repel humidity during the day for a long lasting style. Many professional models infuse tourmaline for extra negative ions to benefit those with impossibly frizzy hair.

Light and ergonomic design: Professional blow dryers differ from basic models because they are designed with your comfort in mind. These dryers are light in weight, easy to use and comfortable to hold. The comfort factor is always important since any badly designed product discourages its use, and it's a shame to not take advantage of the fastest blow dryer just because of its uncomfortable use.

Complete features: The fastest blow dryer should include multiple heat and speed settings for safer styling and versatility for all hair types. Models like the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer include 3 temperatures, 2 speed settings and even a cool shot function to set the style. This brand in particular offers a potent 2000 watt motor, moisturizing ceramic heat and low EMF for power saving use.

So, for unbeatable power and incredibly fast heat, look for a professional hair dryer with a good wattage to get your hair in style and your busy day on the move.

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