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Farming For The Future - The Australian Way

Technology changes in Australian farming are changing the needs of farmers, and international media company Bauer have taken note.

Historically playing an important role in the culture of Australia, the agricultural farming sector now also plays an economically important role in the Australian economy, generating up to AU $43 billion in gross value annually.

The National Farmers Federation estimates there are more than 134,000 farm businesses employing nearly 370,000 people across Australia, and farmers own, care or manage more than 60% of Australia's landmass.

Although not at the economic peak held during the 1970's, Australian agriculture remains internationally competitive through efficiencies and productivity growth.

As one of the oldest employment sectors in Australia, new tools provide similar results to those of more than a century ago; however the new devices and technology in the vast array of machinery and tools enable farmers to become considerably more effective and efficient operators.

But with these changes in technology, and an ever widening range of farm machinery available across Australia, buyers and sellers now need easier ways to find them.

Recognising these challenges for buyers and sellers, Australia's Bauer Trader Media, a division of Bauer Media Group (the world's largest magazine publisher), has now expanded into online classified advertising of faming machinery related products.

Trader Media are publisher of leading specialist rural titles Blues Country and Farms & Farm Machinery magazine.

"Pairing these specialist market leading print titles with and a supporting iPad app offers an unprecedented degree of integration for Australia's farming industry."

"Through our unique editorial, technological and advertising capabilities... we publish on any platform our customers require...the introduction of classified online advertising ensures our advertisers and consumers have every option they need."

The farm machine you want is now easier to find, according to Keith. The new website provides additional industry resources and reviews, listing more than 2,000 farm machinery items, all sortable by make/model, type, sub-type, mileage, price and sellers location.

The industry-specific database, built by industry specialists ensures highly relevant, searchable website content, says Keith. "It can be easily personalized to keep buyers interested and creates an integrated advertising tool with increased reach for sellers of farm machinery and tools." He also notes print readers may value the search-ability of a website and the digital portability of the iPad App...Even if they are on the road or the tractor"

With new products and technology for more than 300,000 farming employees across the country, Keith concludes that the new on and offline advertising opportunities of and the magazine titles will be a "perfect combination for buyers and advertisers alike".

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