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Fantasy Reaches New Levels at Adult Theme Camps

Mermaid swims with dolphins, Pirate treasure hunts in Cozumel, Vampire Hunts in New Orleans, Wood Nymph retreats at a treehouse resort and more.

What female hasn't dreamt of swimming with dolphins... as a mermaid? What fellow hasn't yearned to play pirate and search for buried treasure on an exotic island? Siren School now makes such fantasies come true in idyllic locales throughout the country. Participants are invited to delve into their fantasy world of choice where they will learn the lore, customs and even language of a variety of factual and fictional character archetypes. Event destinations have been specifically selected based on geography and history. And so, this year's Genie getaway takes place at a desert oasis, specifically the El Morocco Inn & Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. The Water Sprite escape is held at Florida's Homosassa Springs and so on.

The bulk of 2013's themed events span Friday nights through Monday mornings, with optional online prep classes available to compliment the motif. Going on a mermaid cruise to swim with dolphins? You can join a live interactive online workshop to learn how to make a mermaid tail. Taking part in a 1920's speakeasy event in Chicago? Why not attend an online flapper style tutorial and even learn the Charleston?

Every itinerary includes free time available for relaxing, individual exploring or sightseeing in keeping with the event's theme. From vampire and ghost tours to afternoon tea and even snorkeling with manatees, there are magical experiences for all tastes and fitness levels. Visit the Siren School site for details. And feel free to join the group's vibrant and loyal Facebook community.

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