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Fantastic Gardeners London to Provide New Tree Care Services

Fantastic Gardeners London now offers a variety of tree maintenance services. The new set of services was released this month and aims to help commercial and domestic customers.

Fantastic Gardeners London announced that it's adding several new tree care services to its portfolio. The landscaping company covers over 200 locations in South East England and provides garden maintenance and garden design services to domestic and commercial customers. The London-based service provider offers patio cleaning, hedge design and pruning, weed removal and waste disposal.

As of May 2014 Fantastic Gardeners London will start offering the following tree maintenance services to its customers: tree stump removal, tree pruning, tree felling, tree care and tree stump grinding. "Customers throughout all 200 locations that Fantastic Gardeners London is currently covering will be able to benefit from the additional services immediately", David Jones manager at the company announced. "Our skilled local arborists will provide professional tree care services following the latest standards in the landscaping art. Together we will help hundreds of home owners grow, maintain and protect beautiful, healthy urban gardens", Jones said.
Tree Care is Essential to Maintaining Healthy Vegetation

In order to grow healthy, your trees require particular living conditions and appropriate care. Professional arborists and tree surgeons possess the knowledge, experience and skill to provide adequate care and maintenance to every kind of tree in your garden. Fantastic Gardeners London has gathered a team of trained and educated arborists with over 10 years of experience in providing professional tree care services in the UK.

The London-based company, servicing over 200 locations in South East England, is positioned to provide maintenance of trees of up to 20 meters in height. The skilled arborists and tree surgeons at Fantastic Gardeners London are equipped with the entire array of protection materials and tools on the market to avoid potential damage to your property in the tree care process. "And because procedures like tree pruning, tree cutting and tree stump grinding usually result in a lot of waste, Fantastic Gardeners London can offer waste disposal services upon customer's request", Jones pointed out.

"All of our tree care specialists, arborists and tree surgeons have been hand-picked based on their skill, expertise and experience", Jones added. The entire staff of Fantastic Gardeners London has been trained and certified to provide professional service and educated tree care advice to customers across South East England.
Tree Care Services at a Glance

Tree stump removal is a service that allows home owners to completely overhaul the look of their garden. Growing plants on a land that's been occupied by a diseased tree can be hard and virtually impossible if the stump is still in place. Removing a sturdy stump requires a lot of effort and specialised equipment.

In some cases the stump might be too big to extract manually. Rather than using hazardous stump killing chemicals, most home owners prefer to hire a professional stump grinding service that provides an affordable and safe method to extract an unsightly stump.

Another service in Fantastic Gardeners London's extended portfolio is tree felling. A dying tree poses an enormous threat to your property and to the health of your family. In order to avoid the risk of accidents and damage, it's recommended to seek professional tree felling services to safely get rid of a dangerous tree.

Tree pruning allows you to maintain the attractive appearance of your trees and keep their growth in control. Beautiful, symmetrical trees require regular trimming and pruning to say in top condition.

The tree care specialists at Fantastic Gardeners London are educated in providing adequate maintenance to any type of tree. They remove dead wood to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for fungi, spores and bacteria that can attack your plants.

"With the recent update of our portfolio, we are now positioned to offer just about any gardening and tree care service to our customers. What makes us different from other companies on the market is the affordable rates that we offer", Jones said.

Fantastic Gardeners London is a landscaping company with over ten years of experience in professional garden maintenance and garden design services. The company is based in London, but has offices at over 200 locations throughout South East England, which enables it to provide fast and timely local tree care services. Fantastic Gardeners London are available 24/7 on 020 3404 2272 including on weekends and bank holidays.

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