Fans Plan Protests Over Cancelled TV Show

Fans shocked over ABC cancellation of TV series FlashForward; Protests planned in over 10 international cities

The cancellation of ABC series FlashForward sent a huge wave of disappointment among millions of FlashForward fans. But within minutes, they decided to dust themselves off, roll into action and put their creativity to work. Fans from Spain, England, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and many more have gathered online via Facebook to discuss various plans to persuade ABC to continue the series.

The official website provides details and breaking news regarding the demonstrations, along with media articles, photos, and YouTube videos. Apart from the website, fans from all over the globe have created an online "SAVE FLASHFORWARD" petition and have been sending emails and handwritten letters to ABC studios since April. In addition, 20,000 friendship bracelets (an item very significant on FlashForward) were paid for by fans and shipped in bulk to the president of ABC, Stephen McPherson. But their most significant move will come on Thursday, June 10th.

On Thursday June 10th, 2010, fans will gather in front of ABC affiliates in London England, Burbank CA, New York City, Toronto Canada, Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Hannover Germany, Seattle WA, Dublin Ireland, and Pisa Italy (more cities are in the planning stages). They will carry signs, wear FlashForward t-shirts, and stage their own blackouts as they fall to the ground unconscious for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, similar to events on the show.

It appears that ABC didn't realize the world-wide phenomenon that is FlashForward. The series was sold in more than 100 foreign markets. In fact, according to producer David Goyer and Robert J. Sawyer (author of the book FlashForward is based on), the series was the fastest selling show at ABC. It seems like the Free Will vs. Fate aspect of the show where the characters try to fight their future has inspired fans all over the world to fight ABC's decision and are now determined to get FlashForward its much anticipated 2nd season.

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