Experience Increased Sales In The Lead Up To The Release Of Dead Space 3

Upcoming survival horror game Dead Space 3 has sparked many people into getting back into the theme of zombies for the New Year. has been experiencing increased zombie costume sales as a result of the nearby release date.

Dead Space 3 is the sequel to the hit game Dead Space 2 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The series follows protagonist, Issac Clarke, as he battles through various parts of space fighting against an ancient evil which turns people into zombified creatures known as necromorphs. Issac must fight through these creatures, battling his way to destroy Markers, the objects that cause people to turn into necromorphs, and rid the universe of their threat forever.

In the latest game, Dead Space 3, Issac teams up with Carver to bring down what they think is the most important Marker in the universe, one which receiving a large amount of energy, more than any other Marker they've encountered. On this new journey Issac must not only fight the necromorph threat, but he must also battle the religious cultists protecting the Markers, the Unitologists. This is set to be the biggest Dead Space game so far and give players far more from a game than they ever thought possible.

As a result of the new zombie game being released soon on the 8th of February, has been experiencing more sales of zombie costumes. A Customer Service Representative for the company commented, "Loads of people have been buying zombie costumes for parties already this year, when we talk to them they all say their love of zombies has been rekindled by the upcoming game Dead Space 3."

With Dead Space 3 now so close to release, more and more people are eagerly awaiting its arrival, dressing up as zombies at every opportunity to try and get back into the theme. is an online retailer of fancy dress costumes. They have a huge range of stock readily available for customers to purchase from them online, including zombie costumes for Halloween, as well as Valentine's Day and Easter costumes.

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