Fancy Dress Outfitters Experience Increased Sales Of Zombie Costumes In The Lead Up To The Release Of Dead Island Riptide

The new game for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Dead Island Riptide is due to be released on the 26th of April. Fancy Dress Outfitters has been experiencing an increased number of sales of zombie costumes.

Dead Island Riptide is the sequel to the hit game, Dead Island. The original game put players in the place of one of four characters, whom they needed to direct around a zombie infested holiday resort island in order to help them find a way of escaping. The game introduced RPG (role playing game) elements into a first person shooter, and allowed up to four players to play together via the internet, taking on the zombie hordes as a tactical group.

The upcoming release in the series, Dead Island Riptide, introduces new characters and gameplay elements to the popular series. The story will continue straight after the end of the first game, meaning players can carry across their original characters which they have spent many hours training up to be zombie smashing experts. The new game is set on a new island, one which has also fallen prey to the zombie outbreak, and players must once again fright their way off the island, and find somewhere safe to survive.

Fancy Dress Outfitters has been receiving and increased number of sales in the lead up to Dead Island Riptide's release. A Customer Service Representative for the company commented, "With Dead Island Riptide now so close to being released, more and more people are getting back into the zombie theme, wanting to dress up as a zombie for any occasion they can. When we asked our customers how they could justify zombie costumes after Halloween, they told us they were wearing them at fancy dress parties held at their friend's houses, simply because they were so excited about the new game."

Dead Island Riptide still has two months before its release, but even so there are many people pre-ordering it online and filling their spare time with zombie themed activities such as dressing up in zombie fancy dress, or playing the original Dead Island.

Fancy Dress Outfitters is an online retailer of fancy dress products. They have a wide range of outfits available for customers to purchase, including a huge selection of zombie costumes, perfect for any fancy dress party.

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