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Family Nature Parcs Launches Global Term Sheet Private Placement to Raise $18.5 Million for First Parc in Ottawa, Canada

Family Nature Parcs launched its global Term Sheet Private Placement to raise $18.5 million for its first Parc in Ottawa Canada.

Family Nature Parcs Inc. (FNP) the Ottawa based Canadian community multi-sport outdoor facilities has launched its Term Sheet Private Placement seeking to raise $18.5 million from international investors for its first Family Nature Parc on 138.4 acres land site located in Ashton Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

This is a cutting edge development in outdoor community sport in Canada " and to the best of our knowledge anywhere in the world" said Mr. Fred L. Farha the founder, investor, promoter and chairman of FNP.

The heart touching story of the birth of this unique community sport development and its mission of wellness, description of its multi-sport facilities and business plans are vividly told, by text and videos, on the special purpose website of FNP which you are urged to visit.

Mr. Farha believes that every child, especially the poor and the disabled, has the right to play, to have fun and to be well. He is a strong advocate that "Sport is not a privilege, it is a right and should not be denied by any means including current unaffordable fees".

Obesity, the present day scourge "is spreading like wildfire caused mainly by current lifestyle, aided by junk foods and sugar soaked drinks" said Mr. Farha. He went on to say "the time has come for the development of new well planned and daring outdoor multi-community sport and recreation facilities, designed to get the kids out to play because it is fun, intentionally designed for all ages as an outdoor paradise in harmony with nature, affordable and located within the reach of communities".

FNP is offering complete franchising opportunities of its Canadian brand of community outdoor sports and recreation to governments and private entrepreneurs across Canada and the world.

For more information about FNP and its business and financial plans please contact:

Mr. Fred L. Farha, Founder & Chairman.
Island Park Towers, Suite 310, 195 Clearview Avenue
Ottawa K1Z 6S1 Ontario, Canada

Direct telephone:+(613)- 728-1338 - Tel/Fax: 613-728-9337
Skype: fredfarha

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