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Rather than waste words with a long introduction, we're going to cut straight to the chase here regarding Family IQ and Rod Stinson. Family IQ is a business opportunity that is suitable for beginners and experienced internet marketers alike.

Rather than waste words with a long introduction, we're going to cut straight to the chase here regarding Family IQ and Rod Stinson. So, to begin with, it would only be fair to say that Family IQ is a business opportunity that is suitable for beginners and experienced internet marketers alike. Even you're only just starting out, and have as of yet never even hear of Rod Stinson, you stand to benefit from Family IQ.

5 Key Reasons Why Family IQ Can Help to Launch Your Home Based Business

1. The product you'll be promoting, or at least marketing, has already received a massive amount of coverage in the media, and almost all of it, very favorable.

2. You'll be able to target a virtually limitless customer base, given that the product is geared towards all races, cultures, sexes, and age groups.

3. Family IQ, as a company, has already been in business for more than 10 years.

4. The compensation structure is second to none. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find any other similar product capable of competing.

5. The company has a rock solid reputation for helping team players every step of the way. In other words, you are never left to try to figure things out yourself, should you encounter any obstacles along the way.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you've already looked into a few potential possibilities with regards to starting your own home based business, and if that's the case. You probably know very few, if any, are able to match all these claims. Unlike many other such businesses, Family IQ have gone to great lengths to ensure it's as easy as possible for you to start seeing money coming in.

What's the Product - Who's the Market?

If you were to try your hand at selling weigh loss supplements, you would only be able to target a very restricted market. Yes, there are many overweight people out there who want to lose weight, but they are the only ones who would maybe be interested in what you were trying to sell. If you were selling beauty care products, or perhaps even anti-aging products, your target audience would be restricted mainly to women, and on top of that, women above a certain age. This is where Family IQ has the edge, because with their product, the entire world is your oyster.

In a nutshell, the Family IQ range of products consists of an extensive range of family orientated audio seminars, workbooks, tests, and a range of family related course aimed at strengthening family ties. For the most part, the material available through the company was previously only available via specialist resources such as family guidance counselors, etc. Even today, there is essentially no online competition, a fact that Rod Stinson has exploited in order to further boost the company's standing in the global market.

As you can see, these are products that are of value to practically all people, irrespective of creed, race, or age. In today's trouble times, with so many families battling financially from one month to the next, it's all too easy for family ties to become strained. Family IQ's mission is to try to help strengthen those ties, and of course, because of the way the products have been designed, families can benefit for a fraction of the cost they'd pay if they were to seek live one on one counseling with a family therapist or family guidance counselor.

Another valuable aspect of these products is that while they are the same a personal counseling, everything can be done in the comfort of one's own home, meaning families aren't put through the trauma of having to discuss their private lives with a complete stranger. Simply put, Family IQ is a truly global product, and a very valuable and very real one at that. All things considered, it's hardly surprising it's become such a phenomena for those looking to start their own home based business, given that it's virtually fail proof.

What has Rod Stinson Got to do with all This?

First and foremost, Rod Stinson is a name practically all internet marketers are familiar with. If Rod's name is associated with a particular product, you're virtually guaranteed success; given that it's no secret he refuses to get involved with anything that isn't brimming with innovation. Rod himself has been with Family IQ for some time, although, contrary to what some people believe, he was not the founder of the company. Instead, he was at first the company's Master distributor, although nowadays he has been hired to spearhead the marketing side of Family IQ. Not only has this proved to be an exceptionally good decision for the company itself, but it has also helped thousands of people launch a successful home business. Combine this with personal mentoring and coaching from proven industry
leaders like a Ted Sims this is a total win-win.

If you would like more info about Family IQ opportunity Contact Industry Leader Ted Sims


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