Family IQ- Rod Stinson Clearifies Differences Compared To Other MLM Companies

Family IQ (FIQ) is a company that is unique and solid for a variety of reasons. First, Rod Stinson is attached to it, so that makes the opportunity appealing. But more than this, it truly offers a wonderful home based business opportunity.

Family IQ (FIQ) is a company that is unique and solid for a variety of reasons. First, Rod Stinson is attached to it, so that makes the opportunity appealing. But more than this, it truly offers a wonderful opportunity for those getting ready to take a leap into a great MLM opportunity as a home business. When a person starts a home based business with Family IQ, they will have endeavored on an opportunity to earn money from a high ticket product and with residual income. The business is going into its 10th year, so you can rest assured that this is a solid company. If this weren't enough, the product has been discussed on national talk shows, such as Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, CNN, and the Tyra Banks show. These shows wouldn't designate segments of time for just any old program!

Talking about raising the bar in a top tier business. Financing is available. Here's a company with
so much credibility financing is available. For just a $200 down payment, anyone can have a FIQ
business up and running in 3 to 5 days.

While many MLM opportunities have niches for a specific group of people, Family IQ is a product that everyone can get excited about. That means that there won't be segments of people left out for you to prospect about this opportunity.

On the one hand, MLM businesses that sell internet products are going to appeal to those in the technology and online marketing fields. Weight loss products and supplements are going to appeal to those looking to lose weight. But Family IQ is a product that is all about family improvement. As such, this is a product that is going to appeal to all the members of the family.

Mark Hobbins is the CEO of the company. He founded Family IQ in 2001. He felt that families needed more information and skills than were found in the typical magazine articles, and in books. Thousands of families that have implemented this program have been helped by the program. Parents have learned how to grow as parental forces, and as individuals.

Family IQ uses techniques that are usually reserved for family therapist, and by directors of advanced treatment programs. Now, the public can take advantage of these techniques, right in their home. Mark started this company 10 years ago, but he's been in the family strengthening field for over 20 years.

According to company records, a quarter of a million users have completed their courses and test. In addition, $1.5 million has been invested in the company's product line.

Customers and Marketers of Family IQ are able to reach an attentive customer service line by phone. If they live in the California area, they can arrange to visit the company in person. There aren't too many MLM companies that could make this statement. This is all a part of how Family IQ sets themselves apart from the rest.

So, if you are looking for a home business that can strengthen your family at the same time, you should really give Family IQ, and the opportunity a try.

The Core Products of Family IQ:

These are the products that are sold in the Family Builder Package. It's an all inclusive package that includes:

1. FIQ license fee

2. FIQ test with no limit on the number of retakes

3. FIQ learning plan

4. Life Minders application

5. Core 5 program

6. Articles and activities library

7. E-Commerce kit

8. One free FIQ workshop

9. 20 product points

When you sign up for the the company's auto-ship program, then you will get an extra 20 points. Customers can get in on the company's preferred customer plan. This plan gives the customer a discount on many of the products.

When a person makes a visit to the Family IQ website, they will see how much information is right there for them. There will also be testimonials, videos, and product descriptions. They can even take advantage of the opportunity to try the products before buying them.

Now A Word About Rod Stinson.

Mark Hobbins in the company founder, but Rob Stinson is the company's master distributor. Rod is the person who really put this product in the public eye with an aggressive marketing campaign. The company is on an upward climb, and growing at an ever-rapid rate. This is the winning combination of Rod Stinson's marketing, and a high quality product that Family IQ offers to its customers.

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