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Fair Trade for Sun Dried Tomatoes

Lakhmess our company is active in the production of sun-dried tomatoes. We have established a fair approach that preserves the rights of farmers for whom we provide.

Beyond support for producers and commercial relationship, the main challenge is to defend a different economic model through the development and preservation of agriculture on a human scale.

Acts of consumption of food like sun dried tomatoes involve the choice of a particular model of agricultural development. Lakhmess has chosen to defend the regional and family agriculture seriously threatened by intensive agriculture and agro-industry.

By choosing this model, we would first like to defend the methods of agriculture on a human scale in respect of man and his environment.

Since our establishment, our approach is to offer maximum guarantees and aproduct of quality. These stringent safeguards are an integral part of our ambitious vision for Fairtrade and our policy of transparency. They aim to reassure the reliability of our approach and allow everyone to make a purchase conscience. This gives more flavor to our sun dried tomato.

Our vision is global, conviction and need for consistency in its business. Progress , challenge, constantly rethink its business model to meet its commitments with producers, consumers and environment. The issues are interrelated , the answer must be integral.

And we are committed to a continuous improvement process, to gradually integrate all sustainable development issues in our business.

We advocate active transparency to reach out to your questions about complex issues such as fair trade. As we are adamant about the level of transparency of producer organizations we work with , transparency with stakeholders is concrete in all areas of our business.

We are sure that our way of working has an impact on the quality of our product. Work with pleasure improve quality and taste, try our sun dried tomato to be convinced !

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