Fahad Manpower, a Leading Indonesian Staffing Agency, Offers Placement Services for Global Clients

PT. FAHAD FAJAR MUSTIKA, an Indonesian manpower recruitment firm, places the right worker candidate for clients across all industries in and out of the country.

A great team of people perfectly fit for the job is an indispensable asset for any business. Employing highly motivated and qualified professionals and workers are just as important as having the right equipment, location and other elements that make up a successful business. To ensure that the most suitable people for the job are doing the work, most companies seek the help of professional manpower or placement services specialists.

PT. FAHAD FAJAR MUSTIKA is a professional supplier and manpower recruitment agency based in Indonesia. Established in 1992, the country's leading professional employment service and manpower recruitment firm proudly showcases the highly capable, educated and hardworking human resources of the world's fourth most populous country with 225 million people.

Detailing its services at www.fahadmanpower.com, PT FAHAD FAJAR MUSTIKA is committed to placing the right worker for the right job. As a leading manpower services agency in Indonesia, it specializes in serving companies across the country - and around the globe.

As one of Indonesia's trusted staffing agencies, the agency partners with clients to help overcome hiring challenges and eliminating the usual search process overhead. By working as an extension of a company's hiring process, the firm provides all the benefits of an executive search specialist. It strives to deliver a shortlist of highly qualified, thereby impacting clients' businesses positively.

Now on its 21st year, FahadManpower.com continues to serve major industry sectors such as Construction, Chemical, Manufacturing, Mining, IT, Telecommunication, Property, Oil and Gas, Financial, Plantation, Shipping, Trading, Printing and Education. Through Indonesia's leading manpower recruitment firm, Senior and Executive Levels in many disciplines and various positions have been filled, including Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, IT, Secretary and Human Resources departments of national and multinational companies.

Notably, FahadManpower.com works on a success-based fee arrangement: the fee is only due if the client hires the candidate. No administration fees and extra charges are required either. In the event of termination or resignation of the employee within three months from the joining date, FahadManpower.com will either replace the candidate free of charge, or refund the recruitment fee up to 100%.

To learn more about the trusted manpower services of PT. FAHAD FAJAR MUSTIKA, please visit http://www.fahadmanpower.com for information.

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