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"Eye Gaze User Interface And Method" Patent Awarded To TelepathEye

USPTO has awarded to TelepathEye Inc a patent that covers an interface for hands-free voice-free texting as well as photo, video sharing and other apps using only eye gaze commands.

The USPTO has issued to TelepathEye Inc a patent that covers an interface for using eye gaze to operate a mobile device such as an eyewearable. US Patent 8593375, Eye Gaze User Interface and Method, discloses new technology for text messaging, capturing and sharing photos and videos, and other applications by selecting menu targets solely by gazing at them.

TelepathEye patented the technology as part of its mission to revolutionize mobile communication. Only a hands-free voice-free device can overcome the vestiges of sedentary devices that require speaking into a transmitter and operating a fingerpad. Wearables implementing TelepathEye technology can win market share from handhelds more rapidly than wearable devices requiring hands and voice.

The critical innovation in TelepathEye's patent is the arrangement and rotation of characters on a virtual surface that minimizes the number of targets visible at a time, rather than a traditional ASCII keyboard that displays all targets simultaneously. The virtual surface spins based on eye gaze, enabling the desired character or symbol to be rapidly made visible and intuitively selected for texting and other applications.

This announcement marks the third patent in TelepathEye's IP portfolio and a continuation-in-part (CIP) of earlier inventions. Patent 8531355, "Unitized, Vision-Controlled, Wireless Eyeglass Transceiver," covers the technology for an eyewear device that projects an augmented reality menu of alphanumeric characters or symbols and detects the wearer's eye gaze.

Patent 8531394, "Unitized, Vision-Controlled, Wireless Eyeglasses Transceiver," is a CIP of patent 8531355. It covers the addition of a camera for capturing still images and motion video of the wearer's surroundings. Images, video and text are transmitted using eye gaze commands as the wearer's eye position interacts with the device. Eyewearables are expected to be a lucrative sector and Business Insider predicts that the market for Google Glass will be $10.5 billion by 2018.

"TelepathEye's innovation is crucial to decisively shift from sedentary technology to mobile technology," said TelepathEye founder Greg Maltz. Current handhelds and wearables require speaking and operating a keypad the same as phones and computers that were originally invented for people sitting in one place. "The vestiges of sedentary technology are manifest in the problems, dangers and inconveniences of using handhelds while on-the-move in public," Maltz said.

TelepathEye is committed to a hands-free voice-free wireless experience that enables people to think a thought and transmit it without speaking or operating a fingerpad. The company was founded May 15, 2010 in Sunnyvale, California, the heart of Silicon Valley.

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