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Extensive Industry Linkages & Strong Research Culture Come Together At NIIT University - 'The Greenest Campus' In India

Academicians, industry leaders and students converge at the Fourth Annual Lecture by Dr. Karan Singh at NU Campus, Neemrana

Established with a vision to bring about innovation in higher education and learning in emerging areas of the knowledge society, the not-for-profit NIIT University (NU) today hosted the 4th Annual Lecture by Dr. Karan Singh, Chairperson NIIT University and Hon'ble Member of Parliament. The event held in NIIT University campus, Neemrana, was also marked by an inspirational talk on seamless growth and connectedness - "Only Connect" by Ms. Syeda Imam, celebrated Communications Guru and Member, National Commission for Minorities.

On this significant occasion academicians, industry leaders and students converged at NU to discuss the pressing need to establish connect between education and the emergent knowledge economy. They also deliberated on the various challenges faced by higher education today and innovative measures that educational institutes need to take to groom 'leaders of tomorrow'.

NIIT University, acknowledged as the greenest and the most environment-friendly campus in India, is well poised for meeting the emerging needs of the knowledge economy, through its focus on building relevant industry linkages and developing strong research capabilities. Since its inception in 2009, NIIT University has made significant progress in research and innovation in curriculum development and design. Conceptualized as an institution of excellence, NIIT University provides exceptional education based on four Core Principles that make learning industry-linked, technology-based, research-driven and seamless.

Over the years, NU has focused on building extensive linkages with the industry - it has active collaboration with leading organizations like: Microsoft Research, IBM Research, Ruckus Wireless (India and USA), Alcatel-Lucent, Bell-Labs Research, SASKEN Communication Technologies and Research in Motion. It has also added Industry-linked courses like the MTech (GIS) in collaboration with ESRI and the MBA (Finance & Banking) in partnership with ICICI Bank.

At the same time, NU is building strong research capability in areas such as Biotechnology, Mobile Healthcare, Cognitive Radio, Educational Technology, and Next Generation Networks, backed by a team of experienced and qualified faculty. To enable its students to access the best in global practices, NU has also tied up with leading international Universities, such as University of Houston, USA; University of Bradford, UK; Aalborg University, Denmark; Nanjing University of Finance & Economics, Jiangsu, China; and the Changshu Institute of Technology, China.

Seamlessness in higher education and establishing deep connect with one's environment have assumed greater significance to develop holistic individuals who would be able to respond to the challenges of today's ever evolving global economy, that is driven by knowledge and research. Ms. Syeda Bilgrami Imam, award-winning Public Service Communications professional and a Member of National Commission for Minorities, Government of India, highlighted the same in her inspirational address 'Only Connect.'

Dr. Karan Singh, Chairperson NIIT University and Hon'ble Member of Parliament congratulated Mr. Pawar and his team on successful completion of four years of excellence, in education. In his address, Dr. Singh said, "We live in challenging times and it has become absolutely essential for our higher educational institutions to meet these challenges. During my first lecture here in 2009, I mentioned that NU gives a glimpse of what future educational institutions can be. I congratulate Mr. Pawar and his team for making great strides in this direction, with NU truly evolving as a University of the future".

Expressing his delight on the progress of the nascent university, Mr. Rajendra S Pawar, Founder, NIIT University and Chairman, NIIT Limited said, "A clear vision is rapidly turning into reality."
Ms. Syeda Imam, celebrated Communications Guru and Member, National Commission for Minorities, said "It is heartening to see an educational institution that is working on the principles of connectedness and seamlessness to create torchbearers for tomorrow's knowledge economy. I congratulate Mr. Pawar and his team on the commendable job of nurturing bright young minds into holistic individuals. I applaud the students of NU and wish them the very best for their years ahead."

Dr. Rajeev Shorey, President, NIIT University and a leading researcher & academician, said, "At NIIT University we believe that the process of education is continuous and our aim is to prepare our students for life-long learning. I thank my eminent colleagues who are doing a commendable job in developing our students as the leaders of the future."

During the day, Dr. Karan Singh awarded degree certificates to MTech students from the emerging field of 'Educational Technology' (ET) and to the first batch of MBA students. The emerging field of ET has the potential to transform the way organizations conduct business today. The world of business itself has undergone a transformation in tandem with technological advances, moving from local to global operations with innovation becoming the key for both survival and success. The NU MBA is a comprehensive management program aligned to the needs of the industry, wherein every MBA student is guided and mentored by an eminent CEO and coached by an industry professional.

About NIIT University

Nestled in the foothills of the Aravali in Neemrana, Rajasthan, the picturesque 100-acre fully residential green campus of the not-for-profit NIIT University is truly, 'The University of the Future'. Established in 2009, with a vision to bring about innovation in higher education and learning in emerging areas of the knowledge society, NIIT University (NU) is equipped with state-of-the-art technology-enabled methodology that's backed by a strong research-focused curriculum for facilitating a continuous process of learning and development. NU has been developed as an institute of excellence to provide exceptional education based on the four core principles that make learning industry-linked, technology-based, research-driven and seamless.

The University offers BTech Programs in Computer Science and Engineering, Biotechnology and Electronic and Communication Engineering; MTech Programs in Educational Technology & Geographic Information Systems (GIS); and PhD programs in all the above disciplines.

NU also offers an MBA Program based on the core principle of Industry-linkage, to help provide career-focused education to all its students. NU MBA is a comprehensive management program aligned to the needs of the industry, wherein every MBA student is guided and mentored by an eminent CEO and coached by an industry professional. The University has also launched an industry-linked program in MBA (Finance & Banking) in collaboration with ICICI Bank.

Vibrant social and recreational activities form the heart of Campus Life at NIIT University, with a host of student activities interspersed along the central walking spine. The Campus provides students a wide array of sports activities like volleyball, basketball, tennis, a golf putting range and gymnastics. Furnished student hostels make life comfortable for students. Temperatures are maintained at the Campus all year around using an energy-efficient, geothermal cooling system, with a minimal carbon footprint.

Recognizing its efforts to establish an environment friendly campus, NU has been awarded as the 'Greenest Campus' in India at the India Today Education summit 2012.

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NIIT University, the Green Campus at Neemrana

Continuing its endeavor to create a sustainable campus, NIIT University has undertaken various initiatives to facilitate ecological resurrection and contain ecological degradation of its surrounding areas. NIIT University marks a unique initiative where a campus is established on a comprehensive long-term masterplan keeping environmental considerations at the centre.

Greening of the Hill - NU students have launched a drive called 'Shram-Daan' in an effort to convert the neighbouring barren 'Kali Pahari' to a fertile 'Hari-Pahari'. Over ten-thousand trees of various varieties have been planted in the neighboring hills.

Drip-Irrigation - NU has adopted about three hectares of nearby land for tree-planting. Almost 3,000 trees have been planted so far using drip-irrigation. The district forest authorities have also appreciated this initiative.

Minimizing carbon footprint through Earth Air-Tunnels - The NIIT University earth air-tunnels act as enormous self-regulating heat sinks for the campus, with little electricity required to cool or heat the air. The earth air-tunnel installation harnesses wind chimney for a natural ventilation effect.

Preserving natural resources with water-recycling - NIIT University campus is being designed with rainwater harvesting facilities and water recycling system. The latter will be 97% efficient, ensuring the maximum reuse of this precious natural resource for the benefit of all.

Containing illegal mining of rocks - Blasting in surrounding ranges of Aravalis and illegal mining of rocks, earlier a rampant practice, has now been successfully curbed through a positive collaboration with local people.

Controlling Soil-Erosion - NU highlighted the problem of washing away of fertile top-soil during monsoons by putting forth videos and pictures of soil erosion to mobilize public opinion. With the support of District authorities, NU got over a dozen of large earthen dams created to contain the monsoon waters.

Nursery of local plant varieties - NU started its own nursery in May 2010 with a wide variety of trees. The nursery is also home to the 'Jal Pilu' tree, a native plant which has now become extremely rare in the region. NU plans to plant more than one thousand Jal Pilu trees by the end of this year.

Minimizing fossil fuel consumption through 'Pedestrian Only Campus' - The campus is comfortably explored on foot via the 'pedestrian promenade' that seamlessly unifies the campus and provides a daily meeting place for students, faculty and staff.

In recognition of its green initiatives, NU has been conferred the title of the "Greenest and most Environmental-friendly Campus" at the India Today Education Summit 2012, and has received the "Green Idol Award 2012" by Dainik Bhaskar.

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