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Explore The Best Mexican Restaurants NYC Has To Offer And Other Food Places Near You

The new kid on the block - - is poised to invigorate the nightlife scene with handy information on local spots.

Places like Mexican restaurants NYC is famed for and other food venues are sure to gain from listing their services on a new site that gathers information on local restaurants, nightclubs, bars, among others. The site through its social networking component also allows people from the different nightlife sectors such as club-goers, DJs, bartenders or event promoters to connect with each other.

" is bound to impact not only the nightlife scene but also local food places in such a way that these businesses are bound to get more exposure" says Mike Presto, Co-founder of the innovative new site.

The first site of its kind, is an emerging nightlife social networking platform that focuses on connecting people with specific interests such as club events, musical performances and food places in every venue from small pubs to the most glamorous nightclubs.

The free site allows users to browse a directory of hot spots to find information about a variety of nightlife entertainment options or search the best Mexican restaurants NYC hosts, club or bars they might be interested in visiting. By registering with, like other social networking sites, members can share information, reviews, comments, photos and videos with their friends. Bartenders, DJs and promoters are also encouraged to sign up with to share important marketing information about upcoming events, performances and other happenings. is quickly becoming the one-stop site for information about nightlife in the region for enthusiasts who enjoy visiting the best bars and food places on the town. It is the best destination for revelers, club venue owners, promoters and entertainers to interact.

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