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Explanation Why A Check Engine Light Turns On

One of the most challenging problems to fix as being a car owner is when your check engine light unexpectedly switches on. Do you have any thought why it happens? Check this.

Check Engine Light shows up unexpectedly and no explanation and in most cases the actual cause of this light coming on may be an issue that is not related to the engine. This means you need a visit to the auto technician to determine what causes the problem.

Let's take a look to some of the most frequent issues below.

• The gas cap is loose: If ever the automobile's gas cap is loose or missing, the car's computer can register this as an issue of emissions system. Gasoline from your tank may evaporate out, reducing the mileage on the vehicle.

• Vacuum Leak: Loosened hoses mean that evaporating fuel won't get to its vented destination. That sets off detectors, or perhaps your check engine light.

• Faulty O2 Sensor: The mass airflow sensor shows the car's computer to add the proper level of fuel based on the air moving through to the engine. A defective one can increase emissions, cause the car to stall, and decrease gas mileage.

• A Failing Plugs: The spark plug seals the combustion chamber and will provide a gab for a spark to jump over and also starts combustion in the engine. When the plugs are malfunctioning, the spark plugs misfire.

If none of the above causes is the culprit, you have to visit a reputable mechanic to do a computer look into the codes that can find out the cause of the problem. These types of mechanical checks can cost between $60 to $200 depending on model and make of your car, as well as the repair shop you visit.

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