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Expert Traders Come Out With High Accurate Day Trading System For Equity, Commodity, Forex Trading

13th November StockManiacs Research & Systems Pvt Ltd has come out with their latest trading system Super Scalper for purely intraday traders or daytraders. The trading system will work on Amibroker platform and has a high accuracy of 75%-85%.

What is Super Scalper For Amibroker?

Super Scalper For Amibroker is an advanced scalping trading system that uses a precision trading algorithm to provide intraday entry and exit points. Entries and exits are coded wisely to have an emphasize smaller and quick profit targets. It has been designed for Amibroker, a leading, widely available charting platform. You can trade all major stocks, indices, commodities and forex with the help of this system. Its one of the best buy sell scalping trading system on Amibroker available in the market.

How does it work?

The trading system comprises of entry and exit signals with an arrow telling you when to buy and when to sell and a star telling you when to exit. Simplicity itself - green > buy and red > sell and stars are exit. The system has single stop loss and a single target which are clearly displayed on the screen for money management.

Over the past few years it has proven to be highly profitable, especially when allied to the best time frame, index, stock or commodity and time of day. While it is accurate for just about any of these three variables, for optimal efficiency it is best to follow the instructions closely. Not every trade is a winner, but historically losses have been much smaller than profits in size.

The Super Scalper Advantage:

Fully mechanical system, no guesswork involved, high accuracy of 70%-90%.

Even works with trial version of Amibroker.



Closes all positions end of day, so suitable for day traders.

Voice alert, Email alert, alert output.

Changeable market close time, so can be used for NSE and MCX and even forex etc.

Its important to know when not to trade than when to trade.

Scalping system so mainly suitable for 5 minutes or 15 minutes or 30 minutes time frame, a must have for intraday trading.

Signals are generated after for candle close, so entry signals are fully stable.

Fully optimizable, fix your own targets or use our auto targets.
Signals never repaint.

Same parameters tested for last few years (Capital Rs. 50000 invested, trading 1 lot Nifty) and 0.005% per trade brokerage adjusted returns in initial testing in 5 minutes time frame are: Jan 2008 till Sep 2012 - Returns 764.99%, and in 15 minutes time frame are: Jan 2008 till Sep 2012 - Returns 5964.01%. That sounds great, isnt it?

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