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Experience the Eco Friendly Tropical Vacation with the Burke House

Burke House is a perfect honeymoon destination with amazing views of Some EXOTIC BEACH DESTINATIONS IN CARIBBEAN from all space. Moonhole peninsula is maintained as a nature preserve.

Welcome to our special piece of paradise, the Burke House which is one of the most private, romantic dive sites on the Bequia Island. Situated on a ridge 100 feet above the sea level, we at Burke house offer you with spectacular ocean views overlooking the great Caribbean Sea. The Burke House is at a two minute walking distance from the famous Moonhole Beach which stays covered with the golden white sand beautifully. It is a perfect place for swimming, hiking, reading and bird watching.

Do you want to marry on Bequia? We at Burke House are there to arrange a perfect sensational wedding on the secluded Moonhole Beach. Or do you want to experience a eco friendly tropical vacation with privacy and seclusion at the white sandy beach, an ideal honeymoon destination. At Burke House, you are just a few moments away from your private retreat.

Waking up to the echoing of the ocean waters and the chirping of the birds and observing the overwhelming views from the airy windows is an experience worth coming for. The Burke House, built using natural local materials provides the best eco friendly tropical vacation experience in harmony with the environment.

Visit us at the Burke House and we will take you away from the bustles of modern city life. Ideally situated on the crest of a hill on the private Moonhole peninsula, Burke House is surrounded by a number of cliffs dropping off into the Caribbean Sea and the secluded Moonhole beach. The house features spectacular views of the magnificent underwater reefs and tropical aquatic life of the Bequia, which makes it an ideal place to stay. You shall get a chance to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body in a natural and beautiful setting while you experience this tropical vacation in privacy and seclusion on the Caribbean.

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Burke House

Burke House
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