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Experience An Innovative Employee Referred Job Listing Service, an innovative job listing service with employee referral in mind, the first of its kind, lets you experience the power of employee referral with a live demo test drive at, an innovative job listing service with employee referral in mind, the first of its kind, lets you experience the power of employee referral with a live demo test drive at

Users can explore the experiences of job posters, job referrers and job seekers with existing demo accounts or register their own demo accounts to play out with. Of particular interest to referrers and job seekers is that referrers can recommend any jobs from their employers, whether posted directly to the board, aggregated from employer sites or sourced from other boards; and job seekers can apply for those jobs directly with the job referrers from, without ever leaving the site.

There exists a significant communication mismatch between employers and job seekers in the recruitment space that's wasting resources and hindering economic growth. Employers have job vacancies to fill but cannot find enough qualified candidates; job seekers need job to do but cannot effectively reach the hiring managers for an interview.

Employee referral is not a new phenomenon, but combining that with a centralized online job listing board is. Backed by its patent pending technology, Careeref provides employee referred online job listing service, which operates in a three-dimensional space, involving employers, job referrers and job seekers. The Careeref platform offers distinctive competitive advantages over the following categories of competitions:

Traditional job boards, the job board component of social networks, job aggregators and thousands of niche boards, which account for 16% of hires, are powerful for reaching the public job seekers, but they lack the screening step and access to direct hiring managers, which leads to their low efficiency in terms of hire/applicant ratio. Traditional job boards operate in a two-dimensional space, with employers vs. job seekers.

Social networks provide an extension to employees' personal network, but the extension is quite limited and mostly targeting passive job seekers, which explains there relatively low contribution of just 1-2% as of now as a source of external hire. Making connections and friends on social media for targeting a specific job vacancy is like shooting in the dark. Employers' traditional employee referral programs, accounting for about 16% of hires, have been the cheapest approach. Referrers will embrace the Careeref platform for its vast reach to active candidates.

Internal employee movement/transfer, accounting for 20% of hires for smaller firms to over 40% for larger firms, has been elusive to external job seekers. The Careeref platform will at least partially open these vacancies up to the public job seekers, putting public job seekers on the same footing as internal movers and increase referrers' chances of earning referral bonuses.

Recruiting agencies, accounting for less than 10% of hires, has been the most expensive approach. They are paid $13B for doing a job that's no better than employee referral. With the Careeref platform, employee referral gains the same access to public candidate pool as recruiting agencies have been getting through posting on job boards.

Employers' job sites appeal the least to job seekers. Job seekers applying directly through these sites are most likely throwing their resumes into a black hole, especially with medium to large employers. There is simply no feeling of a personal touch.

Quoted data is based on a number of recruitment research and survey reports published online.

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Careeref, Inc. integrates employee referral with online job listing to provide employee referred online job listing service with patent pending technology at, which combines the strength of both, i.e., high efficiency as well as access to direct hiring managers of employee referral, and ease of access as well as vast reach of a job board, and cancels out their respective shortcomings to create a more streamlined recruitment platform with low cost, high efficiency and vast reach that greatly benefits all parties involved - employers, referrers and job seekers, and contributes to job and economic growth.

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