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Executive Search Firm Battalia Winston Claims Increased Company Confidence with its 24th annual survey of Holiday Party Plans

Executive search firm Battalia Winston conducted its 24th annual survey of corporate America's holiday party plans. Results from the study imply that companies are slowly getting back in track as implied by the number of planned holiday parties thi

With Christmas just around the corner, more and more people are finally getting in the groove that only the Holidays can bring. For executive search firm Battalia Winston, however, the coming Yule season implies something that is much more serious than the festivities and celebrations people love so much.

According to the leading executive firm's 24th annual survey of corporate America's Holiday party plans, more companies will be celebrating holiday parties this year than the the previous ones. From 74% in 2011, the numbers are now up to a whooping 91%. Chairwoman and CEO of the firm Dale Winston expressed that ever since the beginning of the study on 1988, the survey has been a reliable barometer of corporate confidence and current economic conditions.

Results of the most current study implies that despite of the current challenging economic conditions, companies are now reverting to a state of normality. This is implied on the escalating number of holiday parties which greatly suffered during the tough economic moments of the past years. Some of the questions included in the study are namely: Who is partying? Why have a party? Why no party? Who will be invited? What is the budget? and whether or not the companies will have any Holiday charity efforts. Other questions asked about the significance of employee morale and how the company expects to perform in the coming year.

For a short summary of the study results of the executive search firm, 91% of the companies included in the study answered that they will have a holiday party. Of these companies, 42% of the participants said that they will be doing it to improve employee morale. For the very small portion of 9% that will not have parties, 1/3 or 33.33% of each claimed that they are doing it because most of their employees will be in different places, their people are not just interested in attending holiday gatherings, and that they are planning to just give something else in lieu of a party.

In terms of holiday party details, results of the study from the executive search firm indicate that 64% of the parties will be exclusive to their employees only with 34% held during the evening and 40% set to happen in restaurants. The survey also indicates that conservatism is very important to these corporations who all said that their holiday celebration will be the same as their previous ones. Almost half (51%) of the companies claimed that they will be donating goods and money to charity while 69% of the 105 companies involved in the study claimed that they are doing it to increase employee morale. This year also seems to be an optimistic one for organizations as 66% claimed that they are looking forward to grow and hire in the coming year.

Results from Battalia Winston's 24th annual survey of America's holiday party plans imply one very important thing. That finally, companies are looking forward for brighter days to come after years of suffering from economic problems.

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