Evolution Vault Releases a New Server for Asgard Heroes

Become a Hero or a Harbinger of Death, for what will come is not yet written... Evolution Vault, developer of free war games, announces today the release of a new server for Asgard Heroes.

Evolution Vault, developer of space browser game Xeno and the free war game Asgard Heroes, seem to know no decline, announcing today the release of a new server for the last mentioned. After reaching the milestone of 10,000 registered players with Xeno, this decision doesn't really surprise anyone. Question is: will the new server raise to the expectations?

"It has been an year of great success and we owe everything to the community. We value player feedback and we do put a lot of thought into constantly adding new features to our space game, based on the suggestions we receive." (Radu Soldan, CEO of Evolution Vault)

In Asgard Heroes, players take on the role of an alien Commander and struggle to rebuild and adapt, while challenging others who have the same purpose: to prove themselves worthy of leadership. The one who will win the favors of the Conclave, will become Supreme Commander of the Fleet and will lead a war of galactic proportions against a secret species. If you're one of the people who still enjoy playing war strategy games in their browsers, Asgard Heroes will give you just that. Try it now and convince yourself, hero!

- No downloads are necessary; Asgard Heroes is free to play, now and forever;
- Unlike other games, this one surely won't consume much of your (work) time;
- Starting the space MMORPG with just one colony, you will have to rebuild;
- On the ground, your troops will travel to other planets through stargates;
- In space, carriers will transport your mighty ships across countless worlds;
- Forge alliances, trade, wage wars, spy, trade, become a hero or a harbinger!

- http://www.asgardheroes.com/screenshots/asgard-heroes-free-war-game-screenshot-1.jpg
- http://www.asgardheroes.com/screenshots/asgard-heroes-free-war-game-screenshot-2.jpg

To register and to find out more about Asgard Heroes, surely one of the best free war games you'll ever get to play, we dare you to follow the link: http://www.asgardheroes.com

Evolution Vault was established in October 2005 as an independent developer of computer games. The company is well known for its space real-time strategy game, Galactic Dream: Rage of War. Today, Evolution Vault is expanding its territory towards online gaming with Xeno and Asgard Heroes, while striving to provide a consistent gaming environment for players worldwide.

Radu Soldan, CEO
E-mail: business@evolutionvault.com
Telephone: (0040) 722394533
Website: www.EvolutionVault.com


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