Everhour: Intuitive Time Tracking App Updated for Smoother Experience

Weavora, a custom web development studio, has launched a new version of its geeky and intuitive time tracking and reporting web tool Everhour updated with the polished interface and smoother functionality.

Weavora, a custom web development studio, has introduced a new version of its time tracking and reporting web tool Everhour updated with the polished interface and enhanced functionality. With a focus on simplicity, the app brings personal and work hours management to a whole new level and provides an excellent opportunity for analysis via explicit and helpful time reports.

Everhour now offers a unified handy way of inviting new members. Customers will be able to add members to organizations with a possibility to further pick necessary people for a project from the ready-made user list. Thanks to it, one won't have to keep in mind tons of email addresses for the sake of inviting the right members.

From this version on, the app has team reporting excluded from the interface. This step aims at bringing a more vivid distinction between different project types. Personal reports will cover individual or private activities while stats on collaborative projects will be displayed within the organization section. It doesn't matter if an organization isn't related to work - one can set it up for any kind of activity involving friends or family.

Everhour also introduces changes to the client functionality. Each organization is now associated with its own unique set of clients which leaves no place for any confusion.

Moreover, the version boasts refined design of landing pages to deliver even more intuitive experience to new users. Getting the hang of the app primary features is now quicker and easier.

"We at Everhour believe in simplicity, ease of use and in the fact that timesheets don't have to be a headache. With this update we've made one more step towards providing our users with smoother, handier and more pleasant time management experience", commented Mike Kulakov, CEO of Weavora.

The app is available at: https://everhour.com
Weavora page: http://weavora.com

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Weavora is a small-size company with a focus on custom web development passionately following the principle "We don't just work with technology - we live technology". Having deep expertise and experience in the IT industry, they've done their best to create a perfect setting for thinking and working beyond the average and accomplishing the most challenging projects. Weavora's time tracking and reporting tool Everhour has already earned hearts of numerous users worldwide and continues to grow its audience.
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