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Evergreen Profit Releases Video on How to Use Your Website To Save Time and Reducing Inbox Clutter

Justin Meadows, owner of Evergreen Profit, provides some useful tips on how your website can be a tool to save time. He also tackles how to reduce email inbox clutter.

As part of Evergreen Profit's continuing service to orient clients and interested parties on productivity tools, a video has been released two time saving methods. Justin Meadows talks about how a company website can be organized to handle customer questions and enquiries. When information is on the website itself, customers no longer need to call the business owner. The benefit from this is that the business owner will save time attending to the calls.

The other noteworthy discussion is on how to de-clog an email inbox. Meadows again stresses that by organizing one's email system, a considerable time can be freed from the tedious opening of emails that may not be relevant to the business. The other benefit is the mind is freed of worrying about un-resolved emails. He further states that "You have to learn to manage your inbox. You get tons of emails every day. Some are important that you have to read them and act on them immediately especially when it concerns your business." The main thing is to know which emails should be priorities and which ones that can be archived, unread for a more appropriate time.

For business owners who do not have much time to spend on customer questions as well as look into each email one by one then this video is a must-see. You will be guided what email facility to use. The video will also discuss the "how-to" to organize the emails as well.

The video can be accessed by http://evergreenprofit.com/online-marketing-strategies/how-to-use-your-website-to-save-time-reducing-inbox-clutter/

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