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Eve Paris Introduces Focus on Photography Holiday Rentals

Eve Paris is on the roll (of film in this case), giving travelers the things they really want to do while in Paris.

Eve Paris is on the roll (of film in this case), giving travelers the things they really want to do while in Paris. Staying true to its promise of expanding its apartment selection and widening its offering of local activities, Eve is now ready to showcase Paris' most scenic places for travelers to enjoy through their holiday rentals.

"Paris is a beautiful city and one of the best ways to really enjoy this is to capture its most compelling spots in photos," says Jules Kragen, president and co-founder of Eve Paris and himself a serious photographer. "Of course tourists snap random pictures wherever they go, but we are offering our guests more than that. The photos that they will be taking are not just random shots of Paris, but pictures of the city's most beautiful and historically relevant places," adds Kragen. Eve believes that the best Paris excursion should be planned and guided but the real "boss" of the experiences should be the guest, and not travel sites, travel blogs, or even Eve Paris. Travelers can now take photos of Paris' architectural wonders, scenic parks, and historical structures that are conveniently located near their holiday apartment. Guests have the unique access to the picture perfect places that are not common at all. "We do not just point out to our guests where they can go and take great pictures. We let them have an apartment that is located around these locations," Kragen says.

Eve Paris strikes a delicate balance for travelers - a little room for spontaneity at the same time providing them with a list of activities they might be interested to try. "Every facet of our operation is directed to this focus," says Ron Katz, co-founder and managing partner of Eve. "We always make sure that there is a local flavor to everything our guests can experience through our holiday apartments," adds Katz. Eve Paris is always looking for a way to help travelers appreciate the city more, to experience it with more depth and meaning. "It is our objective that every photo our guests take can tell stories, unique accounts that have not been told ever since," says Katz. "We are all for authenticity because travelers these days want something new and real, not experiences that are already posted in a dozen travel blogs," adds Katz. Eve's commitment to the details of their services is the reason why it is very effective in meeting the wants of their guests. "Everything Eve does for its guests are based from my own experiences as an avid traveler. We simply empathize with our guests and the value they are getting out from our offerings," says Katz.

Eve Paris is more than just a vacation apartment rental service, but also a supplier of experience. This new and dynamic element in renting out holiday apartments is making it easier for travelers to transition into the local life and be more than just a tourist. Eve's guests can taste and see the real Paris. Eve has been renting out a vacation apartment for many years now, seeking out new ways to improve its services for travelers who are after the real Paris.

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