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European Cars Require Specialized Care

Europe produces some of the most advanced, luxurious and best performing cars in the world. These vehicles require expert care in order to keep them running at their best which is why owners are recommended to have their cars serviced by specialists.

If someone has purchased a European car, it's probably because they have an appreciation for the expertise and craftsmanship put into these fine cars. If they've made the investment, it's also likely that they want to take good care of it and maintain it's value! This is why it's important to have these cars serviced by certified and experienced technicians. The engineering and design on European cars can differ greatly from other makes and there is no "one size fits all" solution for service and repair. There are several reasons that these cars are unique and why they require special attention from start to finish.

A specialist will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with the vehicle. In many cases, they can predict the problem based on the symptoms provided by the owner. Their experience and expertise provides them with the knowledge of common issues associated with certain makes, models and years. They also know how often maintenance is required within each system and are familiar with the average lifespan of parts. When the mechanic knows what they are looking at, this avoids the "guess work" that is often experienced when car owners take their European car to an average repair shop. This knowledge and accuracy should result in lower diagnosis costs and less frustration for the car owner.

A qualified European car service shop utilizes specialized tools including scanning devices used for diagnosis, computer coding and programming. They also use the right parts and fluids during repairs to ensure that vehicles continue to run optimally.

While dealerships obviously have qualified staff on hand to handle repairs, they are often more costly and the turn around time isn't always the fastest. Finding a local and reputable repair shop can save car owners money and provide them the with the special attention and high level of individualized customer service they deserve.

From maintenance to major repairs, Desert Oasis European Auto Service provides quick turn around and competitive pricing. Whether it's a BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche or Land Rover, this family owned shop proves their passion for these vehicles through their superior customer service and knowledge. Call (702) 255-4090 or visit to see how they can assist you in caring for your European car.

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