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Eurokey Recycling Asia Pacific Offers Plastic, Cardboard and Metal Recycling Services

Established in 2007, Eurokey Recycling Asia Pacific offers service on plastic, cardboard and metal recycling. The company also aims to add value to the entire waste recovery and recycling process.

Eurokey Recycling Asia Pacific Company in Brisbane, Australia is part of the UK based Eurokey group of recycling companies. Eurokey Recycling Asia Pacific offers a wide range of options for collecting scrap materials; the company is devoted to improving the quality of materials utilizing state of the art technology. The company also provides a considerable amount of shared revenue with their customers for the material they recover from the marketplace. They do this by selling the collected materials to global markets like India, China and Vietnam for further recycling such as the manufacture of HDPE Pipe and other recycled plastic materials.

On the importance of recycling, the spokesperson of Eurokey Recycling Asia Pacific said "All of us would dump waste products in the garbage bin. In those waste products there are more than a few things which can be molded again into new products. For example, the waste plastic we often trash to the dust bin can be recycled into fresh plastic through a recycling process in the plastic manufacturing industries. That is the reason why people write "Save plastic save the earth". This is what recycling in Brisbane is all about."

The services that Eurokey Recycling Asia Pacific offers includes Total Waste management and recycling services like Closed Loop, Toll Granulation, Recyclable Sorting, Full Waste Audit, Waste Disposal and Recycled Plastic Supply. The waste materials purchased is sold to manufacturers who use hundred percent recycled materials to manufacture products such as HDPE pipe, slip sheeting, pallets, drums etc. The company has relationship with international markets which give them the position as world's favorite raw material supplier.

The best part of Eurokey is their plastic recycling service. They use advanced recycling processes to recycle plastics effectively. Further the spokesperson added," Plastic recycling in Brisbane is the process of disintegrating plastic wastes and thereby retrieving useful materials to the plastic industry. Recycling of plastic consumes 90% less water than manufacturing original plastic. Plastic recycling saves millions of litres of petroleum used for original plastic manufacture. Remember we have plenty of products as waste. But waste is never a waste if it is recycled. Let's not see our garbage bin as garbage bin but rather let's express it as recycle bin."

About Eurokey Recycling Asia Pacific:

Eurokey Recycling Asia Pacific (APAC) established in 2007deals with various recyclable materials like plastic, cardboard and metal. The company has been a prominent material collector, processor, reseller and recycling consultancy services. The aim of the company is to maximize the customer's recycling profits through their customized recycling program. For more details, visit


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