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Pacific Specialists, a trusted cosmetic surgery clinic in Los Angeles, highlights importance of ethnic rhinoplasty for non-Caucasian patients. This is part of their commitment to improving services for and catering to all patients.

[LOS ANGELES, 03/04/2014] — Pacific Specialists, one of the leading names in Los Angeles specializing in ophthalmology, vestibular testing, audiology, and cosmetic surgery, stresses the growing importance of ethnic rhinoplasty. This is part of their commitment to improve cosmetic procedures by catering to a wider demographic and patients of varying ethnic backgrounds.

About the Service

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a procedure performed on non-Caucasian patients, according to Pacific Specialists. The center believes that it is important not to erase or distort the ethnic heritage visible on the client's face.

Ethnic rhinoplasty by Pacific Specialists is very much like other nasal procedures. The only difference lies in the patients' understanding of their aesthetic goals in the context of their ethnic identities. The center facilitates a short discussion that shows patients the possible changes that may come as a result of the procedure. This pre-procedure standard is something Pacific Specialists uses to help patients come up with a sound decisions and to ensure that all individual goals are taken into consideration.

Pacific Specialists uses a comprehensive computer imaging methodology to determine possible changes and say that they don't use a "cookie cutter" approach or any short cuts to ensure the uniqueness of the outcome.

Other Nasal Procedures

Pacific Specialists also does revision rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty fixes the adverse outcomes of past nasal surgery, restores function, and improves the appearance. Septorhinoplasty, on the other hand, improves nasal function by straightening the organ's septum, or the part that separates the left and right airways of the nose.

About Pacific Specialists

Pacific Specialists offers services in the areas of ophthalmology, audiology, vestibular testing, hearing aids, and cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles. The center has a team of board-certified physicians and specialists that upholds the center's philosophy revolving around the virtues of excellence, respect, compassion, and integrity. Pacific Specialists believes that their expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail always ensure the high quality of medical procedures each of their patients undergoes. The center is a proud member of many recognized professional organizations. Among their affiliations include the Accreditation for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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