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Essex Union Podiatry Offers a Revolutionary Approach to Correct Bunions

Essex Union Podiatry, a leading podiatry practice located in Springfield, Rahway, and Caldwell New Jersey provide an effective treatment for Bunions.

With a team of board certified physicians, registered nurses, and professional staff, Essex Union Podiatry offers patient-centered podiatric treatments to solve foot and ankle issues. The leading podiatry practice also provides a revolutionary approach to correct bunions.

Bunions are structural deformities in which the first metatarsophalangeal joint becomes medically displaced. The affected joint becomes enlarged; this enlargement is progressive. It occurs due to several reasons, but the most common is chronic irritation and pressure from shoes that are too short or with a narrow toe box or high-heeled shoes. They can also develop as a result of inherited tendency, foot injury, or joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

"Whatever the reason for bunions, no one have to live with bunions, just consult one of our certified podiatrist and get the necessary solution. We always try more conservative treatments at first, like over-the-counter medications and shoes with roomy toe & lower heels, sometimes these options aren't aggressive enough. In these cases, Essex Union Podiatry offer local corticosteroid injections and surgery to correct displacement, "reported the senior most podiatrist in Springfield.

In addition to bunion treatment, the practice also specializes in offering diabetic foot care , hammertoe treatment, laser nail fungus treatment, shock wave treatment of heel pain and Achilles tendinosis, non-invasive Peripheral Arterial testing, nail, and wart surgery, wound care and more. While speaking about their services, the senior most podiatrist added, "Our congenial staff is dedicated to providing our patients with the finest in modern foot and ankle care. We hope you'll find our practice offers the accessibility and personal commitment you look for from a physician."

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Essex Union Podiatry, a well-known podiatry practice in Springfield offers a full array of podiatric services from Laser nail fungus treatment, shock wave treatment, non-invasive peripheral arterial testing, nail and wart surgery, wound care and more. For more details, visit


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