Essen RFID, one of India's leading RFID companies inaugurates new RFID tag manufacturing facility at Baddi, in Himachal Pradesh's Solan District

Spread over 3,500 sq.feet, the new integrated facility allows the company to manufacture customized RFID tags (METALLICA TM & ACQUA TM ) in the UHF space in bulk & with an annual manufacturing capacity of 40 million tags a year

Mumbai, Maharashtra, June 9, 2010 /India PRwire/ -- Mumbai headquartered Essen RFID, one of India's leading OEM's has opened a new manufacturing facility at Baddi Industrial Town in Himachal Pradesh's Solan District. The manufacturing unit was inaugurated by Essen RFID's Managing Director Mr.Apurva Parekh in February 2010.

Commenting on the development, Essen RFID's EVP (Marketing & Strategic Initiatives) Shrinivas Shikaripurkar said "Essen RFID's vision is to manufacture the finest of UHF tags that the country can offer to potential RFID customers across manufacturing, retail domains with a potential better read range than existing tags in the marketplace. Moreover this unit can customize the tags to suit the specific needs of our valued customers"

The manufacturing facility entered into commercial production in February 2010. The unit is spread across 3,500 sq.feet area & houses independent integrated units that manufacture tags of differing quantities & shapes suiting the need of the customer operating in the UHF band spectrum. The unit houses UHF related machinery suited to conform & deliver UHF tags to global standards.

Specially customized UHF tags being manufactured at the unit include:

a) METALLICATM tags: Used for tracking metallic objects such as Shipping Containers in Logistics & Metallic spare parts in an Automotive shop floor & capable of reading at a distance of upto 24 feet. Heat resistant: 150°C, Tag Size: 102mm x37mm x 7mm, Resistant to chemicals:Acids/ Alkalis

b) ACQUATM tags: Used for tracking Laundry clothes, apparel & capable of reading upto a distance of upto 30 feet.Water-proof, water-resistant & heat resistant upto 150°C, Tag Size:100mm x 27mm x 6mm, Resistant to chemicals: Acids/ Alkalis

Essen has adopted best of manufacturing practices and regulatory norms to ensure world class quality and is already exporting to USA, Europe & Africa.

The unit conforms to all the appropriate quality assurance practices. The unit disposes off all its waste in an environmentally friendly manner since it is located in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The new plant will also help boost the confidence of Essen RFID's international customers that have already reposed faith in the Company's solution delivery capability. With the addition of the plant which conforms to global standards, it would go a long way in strengthening Essen RFID's global partner ecosystem

Essen which launched its UHF based RFID device "XtennaTM" in April 2008 is an Indian OEM headquartered at Nariman Point, Mumbai & has successfully demonstrated its RFID modules for a) Personnel & Car Parking management systems, b) Asset Tracking including metals & liquids, c) Livestock efficiency management, d) Hospitality management & e) Identification & stoppage of monetary leakages in the Construction industry. The integrated reader cum antenna module "XtennaTM" has been successfully implemented for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, Realty & Defence sectors in India & overseas markets.

Essen's XtennaTM covers RFID bands across the EU, USA, China, Korea & India through models that operate in the 865-870 MHz, 902-928 MHz, 840-844 MHz, spectrum respectively. Its advanced RFID reader has dynamic multi-protocol capability that is fully compliant with future standards. Along with superior tag reading performance (upto 50 feet) that not only supports Dense Reader Mode but also overcomes multiple sources of signal interference.

One of the Unique Selling Proposition is its ability to be also used in remote locations and over long distances without signal deterioration. By using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for transmission and converting sensitive analog RF signals to digital at source, XtennaTM eliminates any scope of loss or deterioration during data transmission.

Xtenna'sTM advantage over an ordinary RF cable is multifold. XtennaTM requires an inexpensive CAT-6 cable that can carry power simultaneously along with data. Unlike the RF cable's sensitive analog signal, XtennaTM provides a highly stable digital transmission. Moreover, RF cable has a limited distance of upto 20 ft before signal deterioration. With XtennaTM, this is offset as the distance between XtennaTM & PoE switch can now be enhanced to 330ft without loss.

Essen has a patent pending with the US & Indian Patent Offices. Essen has partnered with some of the leading players both in India as well as global firms operating in the RFID applications space.


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