ESQUILLE Feat. Kay - New Single Coming Out On 30th Of April 2012

The new House - Dance single "In the heat of the night" by ESQUILLE feat. Kay will be available online on iTunes, BeatPort, and other major music online shops on 30th of April 2012.

Esquille has been active as a DJ, artist and producer for over 2 decades. His hits are numerous. He got his first record deal with Warner back in -87.

The first single "Just 4 U" is a rarity and sought after among collectors. His biggest success was no doubt the song writing for and production of euro/dance act Dreamland. Two of their singles were worldwide released back in the mid-90's. The video of the 2nd single "Can't get enough" was put on high rotation on MTV.

In 2000 he produced an album for Dreamland that never was released due to conflict with labels. However 1 song was digitally released and reached nr1 on the vocal house chart at It stayed top 10 for several weeks.

Also In the early 2000's Esquille produced an album for group Jam Planet that had great success in Japan and reached top 20 on the album chart. He was involved in different House projects like the Smacker EP that reached nr 1 in the Swedish Dj chart and techno releases like the Belltree album.

Esquille was also the producer and songwriter for a secret project called Joe Adventure in 2002. The song "Be my Baby" was an immediate hit and climbed the charts in the Nordic territories. One of the last projects he developed and released, however not as a songwriter, were the "A trip In Trance" compilations. Esquille compiled, mixed and mastered 3 different CDs that got overwhelming good reviews and comments. The compilations were picked up in the US and were released as double packs with super stars like Paul van Dyk. After a few years break Esquille and his production team are back in business. "We will deliver a bunch of cool tracks, just 4 u" he says.

Karin Strömfelt aka Kay is one of Sweden's most talented vocalists. She has sung on numerous productions: Boney M, Dreamland, Harpo, Miisa, Magic Key to mention a few. She has just recently performed on Swedish TV with thousands of fan letters as a result.

"Miisa" was a Finnish dance music act in the mid 90's. The alleged front person/singer Miisa, didn't in fact sing at all. Original vocals were provided under cover by Swedish singer Karin Strömfelt. With a few catchy tunes, Miisa enjoyed success and 3 of her singles climbed on the US Billboard Top Ten Charts.

Dreamland was a huge dance act with releases worldwide. The songs "Anything for 4" and "Can't get enough" are still two incredibly popular euro tracks featuring vocals by Karin.


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