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Escribe Publishing Announces New Book Targeted to Those Battling Substance Abuse

Sabrina St. John has just released her first book entitled " Embrace the Process: A 21-Day Devotional Guide to Prepare You for the Journey to Recovery".

Embrace the Process is targeted to those individuals fighting various forms of substance abuse, and provides 21 daily lessons for coping with addiction. Says Escribe spokesperson, Sharon Cash, "Readers will find both spiritual and practical advice for dealing with the kinds of day-to-day problems that can result in one's desire to relapse or self-medicate. Each lesson relies on biblical scripture to guide readers in how to cope with such issues as anxiety, fear, doubt, and abandonment."

About the Author
Sabrina St. John is the founder and CEO of Out-of-the-Box Training Solutions (OTB) and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education. She began her career in health services in 1997, during which she discovered a passion for training and professional development, as well as facilitating seminars. As a result, Out-of-the-Box Training Solutions was founded to provide leadership and organizational development training, workshops, and seminars to ministries of all denominations. Sabrina volunteers at various substance abuse programs, where she conducts seminars to motivate and encourage individuals to break down the wall of addiction. She also conducts workshops for young people on bullying, self-esteem, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Embrace the Process is currently available for sale at In approximately six to eight weeks, readers will be able to purchase copies of the book from more than a dozen other online book retailers.

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