ESchoolView's Student Scholarship Returns Bigger And Better!

eSchoolView, a website software company is offering scholarships again! This is an opportunity open to all seniors across the country. Between two categories there will be eight awards given, one for $5,000, two for $2,500, and five for $1,000.

High school seniors from across the country will have a chance to vie for even more scholarship money from eSchoolView as the program grows in its second year.

eSchoolView's leadership and creative teams value education and the work of school personnel who prepare students for the future. Due to our deep commitment to the field, the Investing in Our Future awards will jump by 50 percent to $15,000 in 2013 to help support students in their educational pursuits.

The contest for eight scholarships is open to high school seniors across the country. Awards will be given in two categories for a total of eight scholarships with the following breakdown:
One - $5,000
Two - $2,500
Five - $1,000

The Web Design Contest is for seniors interested in pursuing graphic design, web design or other arts. The Web Technology Contest asks students to develop creative way(s) to use web technology in education.

Students entering the design contest are required to develop a home page and one interior page for a website. The site should be related to a school class or club and should reflect a collaborative effort between the "client" and the designer.

Students who enter the technology category are asked to develop and describe creative uses for web technology in education. They will be encouraged to analyze the components of our CMS and our other software products to assess how we use technology within the education field to create efficient and effective communication but are NOT limited to these ideas.

Each contest -- for which students will also be required to submit videos detailing their work-- will be graded by a panel of education professionals who will use criteria provided by eSchoolView. Schools do not need to be eSchoolView clients for their students to be eligible to enter. Students may submit up to three entries in each category by Feb. 1, 2013. Winners will be notified in March 2013.

For detailed contest requirements, visit or call us at 1.888.932.6460.

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