ERestro Launches Tablet Based Restaurant Menus

eRestro - - has recently launched a system comprising of Tablet based electronic restaurant menus at Radisson Blu Dwarka New Delhi at their Zeppelin Bar & Lounge.

Developed by eServ Systems, eRestro comes with a Tablet based electronic Menu that catches immediate attention as you walk into Zeppelin Bar & Lounge. "Branding a stylish user interface, the sleek Tablet Menus have replaced our traditional paper menus. The interactivity offered is beyond comparison because now you can see photos of what you are about to order and also read more about its origin and history. This system has managed to increase footfall at Zeppelin by over 15% in the very first week." says Mr. Ullas Arora, Manager at Radisson Blue Dwarka New Delhi.

eRestro which is instantly visible for its Tablet Menu, which they call the iTabMenu, highlights that this is just the tip of the iceberg since their system includes a very well connected set of smart devices and software that work together in coherence to deliver great efficiency. "There is no second thought that Tablet Menus will eventually displace traditional paper menus because the moment you bring in an electronic display that responds to you, it opens a whole new range of possibilities." says Abhishek Chatterjee, CEO of eServ Systems. Once you get thinking, indeed you can come up with seasonal offers, update prices, introduce new dishes, take feedback - all without having to think twice about printing costs or waiting for weeks to set print material in order. Now it's a matter of how quick you take the decision.

There are at least two modules that go along with this to make it a full product. A terminal called the Operation Control allows the Restaurant Manager to monitor and control order flow. Order Display module which is placed in all the preparation locations like the Kitchen, Bar and Cafй allows for the system to automatically route ordered items to appropriate locations.

We hope this product will enable the restaurants a better service management as well as will increase their sales by 10%. We offer these services to the industry/ market leaders to maintain their brand value. We are excited for restaurant managers to bring our innovative product to their restaurants for their customer satisfaction.

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