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Envent Corporation Success Test of Latest High Flow Vapor Scrubber for VOCs and H2S

The ESCRUB 6000 will save roughly 20-30% of the maintenance costs when refinery and petrochemical plant perform maintenance on tanks, towers, sumps, API separators.

The ESCRUB 6000 uses the latest in vapor technology with it's VaporBite technology and recirculating packed column to remove even the highest concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) at flows up to 6000 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Kamran Moghaddam, Regional Director of Engineering for Envent Corporation believes that this latest innovation will result in significantly reduced maintenance costs and down time for refineries and petrochemical plants.

"The ESCRUB 6000 is an example of Envent's advancements in Industrial Vapor Scrubbing Solutions. Our engineering & fabrication team developed a system that will revolutionize the mobile high-flow vapor scrubbing industry", explains Mr. Moghaddam.

The ESCRUB 6000 is a fully mobile unit made of stainless steel and skid mounted for delivery on trailers or forklifted off at a customer's location. With a fleet of 12 units, it is ready to mobilize 24x7x365 for long or short term projects. The unit uses the latest in Envent's VaporBite packed column technology which allows reactive or absorbent liquids to maximize surface area and efficiency.

The ESCRUB 6000 handles up to 100,000 ppm of H2S as well as Mercaptans, VOCs, benzene and a variety of other refinery chemicals. The ESCRUB 6000 is ideal for liquid ring, high-flow vacuum trucks where high volume and quenching is critical to safe operation.

All components are explosion proof and UL Listed. The systems are available for short or long term deployment throughout North America.

For further information call JD Jaeger at or Noel Esten at (888) 997-9465 or email them at JD.Jaeger@envent.net (Gulf Coast & East Coast) or Noel.Esten@envent.net (West Coast and Mountain States). See details on www.enventcorporation.com or www.vapor-scrubbers.com

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