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White Skin is also associated with youth, wealth and fertility in some countries.

White Skin complexion is achieved by including natural & chemical substances to soaps, pills and creams which lighten the skin tone by overpowering the production of melanin.

Many people are fond of white skin and are ready to do anything to lighten their skin colour. Even white-skinned people put their best efforts to have a perfectly even-toned skin.

But skin whitening should never be taken lightly as wrong creams and chemicals may damage the skin and also health leaving a permanent scar. Now with cosmetic treatments, a fairer complexion is achieved and pigmentation problems are dealt with.

Skin whitening creams are gaining popularity in the market and are applied by both people with dark complexion and also people whose skin has darkened due to sun tan or pollution.

The preference of whiter skin has an extended history. In olden days people with darker skin worked as labourers and considered as poor people with lower social status.

As White skinned people were associated with signs of aristocracy, affluence, and beauty, the discovered traditional medicines with the help of physicians to retain their white skin tone. In Asian countries, white skin is still considered as an asset.

A person with a white complexion was seen as aristocratic and noble. There is a Chinese saying "the white covers up three ugliness" - this is true as it is very well known that the ancient Chinese swallowed pearls (that were taken from the sea shells and grounded to fine powder) to lighten their skin tone.

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