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Engineering Fitness: Using a Nuclear Engineering Background to Engineer a FitLife and Pursue a Passion

Imagine an approach to fitness that uses nuclear engineering to take complex and often confusing training and nutrition principles and myths, and breaks them down into bite-sized and powerful concepts!

Stephanie Keenan does just that, so that her clients walk away empowered to make daily life choices that all add up to an overall happy and healthy life!

Stephanie is a wellness expert and fitness coach and the founder of the SKFitLife Challenge an online weight loss training program and community. She has transformed her physical life from "chasing skinny" to living and loving a truly FitLife. She has strategically designed her online fitness programs to help others do the same in the most efficient and effective ways. Stephanie's training style is short and to the point to accommodate her clients, who are primarily busy moms and professional women. Stephanie offers a free high intensity interval training (HIIT) membership for monthly HIIT routines.

Each month, through her website, Stephanie provides a new HIIT workout that you can implement for continued success. As a bonus, Stephanie also offers a 1-Week Resistance Training Sample with individual videos for exercise explanation

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a specific type of interval training routine designed to produce results in a shortened amount of time.

By implementing HIIT routines into your workout you will benefit by:

• Burning Fat Faster
• Shaping and Toning Your Body Quicker
• Shorten Your Workout Sessions
• Prevent Weight Loss Plateaus

In addition to providing the tools necessary in order to do the work physically, Stephanie's mission to help women create a truly FitLife starts with work on the "inside". Stephanie also shares how she went from "survival mode" in life to thriving in life. She traces her footsteps via her entrepreneurial adventures from serving as a nuclear engineer in the US Navy to working as a cubicle-dwelling Defense Contractor (ie: office worker) to creating the life of her dreams as an online fitness business owner.

Stephanie's years of experience commuting and subsequent distraction by listening to audio programs transformed her life and served as tools in her "cubicle escape" to living her dreams in Costa Rica where she will be hosting her 2013 FitLife Journey Health Retreat. She shares her love of audio through her creation of her new audio ( version of her blog posts leading up to her official podcast launch coming in 2013.

A message from Stephanie:

"Just keep going... if you are finding that you are not seeing many results yet, KEEP PUSHING. Time is passing anyway... you may as well keep working towards your goals. You will reach them IF YOU DON'T GIVE UP. Focus on all of the things you have accomplished thus far... is your skin getting clearer, your eyes shining brighter, your hair smoother, easier to walk up the stairs, carry groceries, less cravings, less mood swings, sleeping better, increased weights in the weight room? FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE and KEEP PRESSING.

This is only the second day of the second week. Some challengers will see progress earlier on and some will have to wait until the 6 week mark like our winner of one of our challenges, Kathleen Keenan, she didn't see any real changes until the 6th week.

Quitting is not an option! Take all of that self-doubt and frustration you have and use it to push even harder in the gym.

Are you logging your food? What does your food log look like?

Take into consideration how you were treating your body prior to this challenge... were you "teaching" it how to store fat by starving it? Be kind to your body and nourish it with clean fuel. It needs to know that it is ok to shed the extra pounds. This takes time and that is why I created this group... because most people think they "deserve" to see results within a few days and the reality of it is that your body doesn't even understand the concept of 'deserve'. You will reap the benefits of hard work and more importantly, consistency.

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