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Engineering Chemical Technology Center of Tomsk State University Opens on May 27th

Eduard Galajinsky, president of the Tomsk State University, Leonid Reznikov, deputy governor for Industrial Policy of Tomsk Oblast', and Andrey Knyazev, center director, opened Engineering Chemical Technology Center.

Nikolay Glebovich, Head of Department of Industrial Policy of Tomsk Oblast', Arkady Eskin, president of Tomsk Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Alexey Knyazev, deputy governor for Science, Education and Innovation Policy, Roman Tumas'ev, director general of LLC «Tomskneftehim», Anton Nachkebia, chairman of the board of «Tomlesdrev» Group, as well as representatives of city mass-media, visited this event, dedicated to 136th anniversary of the University, as guests.

As Leonid Reznikov, deputy governor, stated at the opening ceremony, "engineering Chemical Technology Center of the Tomsk State University became the first such center, located to east of Ural Mountains, particularly in Siberia and Russian Far East. Full-scale engineering infrastructure will enable to apply results of scientific researches, and provide their further implementation within large-scale industrial production. Technologies, developed at Engineering Chemical Technology Center, will be either transferred to existing enterprises of chemical industry, or implemented within Technology Park of Tomsk City and its Special Economic Zone as independent technological start-ups".

Engineering Center acts as a link between laboratories where inventions are created and final product on the store shelf or in the world market. It deals with production technology development and design of equipment that can be used for such production.

As Eduard Galajinsky, president of the TSU, pointed out, "this projects represents unique combination of public-private partnership. There are university that has various know-how and unique equipment, and group of companies owned by university fellows who have eagerness and entrepreneurial mood, and create innovations or products people need. That is why primary investments are made by such companies, i.e. small innovative ventures. The University contributed its intellectual property and, partly, equipment".

Engineering Chemical Technology Center is a crucial part of innovative infrastructure. At present, reputation matters amount for 50 % of university ranking evaluations. Yet the reputation is built upon academic awareness, as well as university awareness that is related to its innovative activity. There is a possibility that entirely new block, related to evaluation of university's innovative activity and its ability to commercialize the results of its intellectual property, will emerge within rating technologies. That is why opening of Engineering Chemical Technology Center is directly related to competitiveness improvement program and forms strategic priority of the university.

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